Royal Bank of Scotland ios app updates

Not sure how many others here have a RBS account, but the RBS iOS app has had an update in the last couple of days.

At long last, RBS saw sense and ditched the awful photos on app startup. It was a huge source of ridicule on the app reviews.

Now, just waiting for dark mode to be implemented and I’m sure some customers would undoubtedly want to see scan cheque in app introduced.


This still baffles me… I’ve been enjoying it with NatWest for quite a while now :grin:

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Eh up Lonford, yup, it’s been baffling RBS customers for a while too. Really don’t get why NatWest and RBS apps aren’t mirroring on stuff when it comes to the mobile app.


Dark Mode must be coming to all other brands, as @Lonford says, since it’s already available at NatWest.

Ditto for cheque imaging which is already available at Ulster Bank NI and Isle of Man Bank. It looks like they are testing that with low user-base apps first, but NatWest and RBS do have it in the Coming Soon section of their respective apps so it shouldn’t be too long.


I’m personally not fussed either way whether or not RBS do introduce cheque scanning as I rarely get them these days anyway. All the ones I had last year, I just scanned into Starling or Lloyds. As I only use my RBS personal account for my wages and work expenses, if someone does give me a cheque that is work related, paying it straight into RBS via app would of course be far more preferable.

All in all though, the RBS iOS app has significantly improved lately. I’m sure it can only get better.

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I’ll be grateful for cheque imaging, means I can close off a Lloys saver which is open for that purpose only

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It’s a Lloyds instant saver. Cool you can do it to a savers without a current acc, unlike Barclays, but yeah no credit score risk if I do close it.

Hopefully RBS bring it out soon. Its only really for if my gran sends me one.


Me and the Missus closed a Lloyds joint account of 11 years a couple of months back. I haven’t seen any adverse effect on our credit files as yet.

We just couldn’t justify keeping the account open any longer and I’m not one for hanging on to accounts I no longer use.

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Closing current accounts, loans, mortgages, and utilities might dip the credit score presented by credit reference agencies as closing a long-standing account will lower the average age of all your remaining open accounts. The blip is usually small and short-lived.

Closing a credit card (or other revolving credit account) might also dip your credit score as the amount of available credit to you will reduce by the credit limit of the closed account. While good for you it might not be seen quite so positively where you have credit balances elsewhere, as your credit utilisation as a proportion of your total limit will increase.

This is all to do with credit scoring algorithms. Despite what CRAs might want us to think, each lender has their own credit risk policy. Scoring issued by CRAs are simply a guide.

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I usually will dump a credit card once the interest free period has expired. In the case of a M&S credit card I had a few years back, I just didn’t use it for about 2 years after the last purchase and after two letters telling me they’d close the account if I didn’t use it (which I ignored) M&S card services cancelled the card with no further communication.

RBS as it happens, have offered me the opportunity to apply for one of their credit cards a couple of times in app. Sadly though for RBS, they only offer a crappy 3 months interest free period on purchases. I won’t touch a credit card unless it’s got at least a 20 month interest free period on purchases.

Cheque imaging has just dropped on my RBS app


Oh yes! It’s in mine too! Well done RBS!

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It looks good, but damn, really disappointed to see a £500 max. Considering how long it’s taken NatWest Group to implement cheque imaging compared to most of the other big banks, I was really hoping they’d start out at the £1000 max, like Lloyds now has. I seem to remember having heard that HSBC are looking at upping their limit to £1000 as well, but I might’ve dreamt it? :thinking:

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The last time I received a cheque for anywhere near that amount, was in 1991 when I won 500 quid on a work lottery :laughing:

Last year, I received the most amount of cheques during my entire adult lifetime as a result of shopping weekly for my elderly neighbours. Starling was my preferred scan cheque option over Lloyds at the time, and now I don’t have a Lloyds account anyway, that’s by the by. But at least I do now have RBS as a back up if needed.

I wonder now how long it will take Nationwide to join the throng. I guess they don’t have to if they don’t want to, but they must have personal account customers who deposit cheques and want a more convenient way of doing so.

Rbs/Natwest need to sort out statement in app next

You can get a limited statement on NatWest, but it doesn’t show your account details so is no good from a submissions point of view

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Where? I’ve never seen this on Android

Not sure about Android, but you can in iOS…

This was dumb, and by that I mean from the customers not NatWest. Complaining over pictures was just silly, and it seemed like some took it as an opportunity to publicly show their racism.

Anyway nice to see the cheque imaging feature finally arrive, the app is slowly giving me fewer and fewer reasons to bother with Starling anymore

And with the greatest of respect that you deserve, I completely disagree. For the record, I was one of those people who complained publicly about the pictures. There was absolutely no requirement for the photographs. I’m not sure where racism came into it? I may have missed something on one of the reviews, but I can’t recall actively seeing anyone make racist comments? And surely if there were such disgusting racial comments made, they would have been swiftly removed from the app reviews?

But, we all have different opinions, but my opinion was, the startup pictures added no value whatsoever, they slowed the app at startup and they clearly were a source of much derision by a lot of customers. RBS clearly recognised that they had made a mistake and they rectified it and for that, they should be congratulated.


Haha I did see one review stating ‘he may wish to have tattoos but I don’t wish to see them when checking my bank balance!’ booma alert

Pretty amusing to read, my main issue with it was that it seemed to slow the app load down