Saffron BS Thread

Saffron have released a new issue (10) exclusive Regular Saver for members of 12+ months. 2.05%

I guess the minimum deposit on their website may be wrong though :thinking::joy:

Not high enough to tempt me.

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Bank of England base rate will be 2%+ by the time this matures. Makes more sense to take 1.25-1.5% for now and ‘track’ the base rate.

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Just seen on HUKD that Shawbrook have a 2% 6 month saver… 6 Month Fixed Rate Bond - Shawbrook Bank

That’d be a little more tempting if I had a significant balance which wasn’t otherwise accounted for.

I put money in that Shawbrook a few weeks back.

Smooth process. Opened account. Sent a £1. When it showed on the Monday, I sent the rest :grin:

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