Scheduled Transfers Between Accounts

While dealing with my mobile banking apps, I have a few, I have discovered that, whilst I can schedule transfers (for future dates) between my Barclays accounts, the same facility/feature does not appear to be available with Halifax or Nationwide.

Made me start wondering whether Barclays position was the more unique one, or were the other banks the odd-ones-out.

Anyone know whether scheduled transfers between accounts at the same bank/building society can be arranged with others?

Although not savings accounts, I know that with Monzo you can schedule Pot > current account, and with Starling you cannot schedule Space > current account.

Just curious :thinking:


Virgin Money is a NO

Lloyds no, TSB no.

With Lloyd’s if you set up the other account as a new recipient you should be able to set up a future dated payment to it

You can do this at:

First Direct

As you note above, Nationwide seems to be a no - though I’m suprised that there are institutions that don’t offer this,

I do appear to be offered the option to set the date in Virgin Money

Yes, so was I, or so I thought. When I clicked on the date, the only option available was today :man_shrugging:

Yep, this works. Though now I cannot find my scheduled transaction in order to delete it :rofl:

Update Need to enter Online Banking in order to view the scheduled payment/transfer. So same as Barclays there.

I just tried it in the VM app and it worked.

Had to go into desktop banking to see the scheduled payment and cancel it though

For nationwide

Select your account then go to Pay or move money → one of your nationwide accounts → select account → select amount → select standing order and set your payment frequency

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I was going to say, isn’t this just a standing order? I’ve definitely had scheduled payments from one Nationwide account to another in my pre-Starling days.

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I would say there is a distinction between regular future dated transfers which could be standing orders and the ability to set ad-hoc future dated transfers.

I’m unlikely to use the first, unless it’s to a regular saver account but frequently use the latter


A standing order is not a one off scheduled transfer.

Perhaps I should have been clearer in my OP.

Thanks anyway.


Was that iOS or android?

I tried android.

I thought I had too.

My checks are mainly app based.

Maybe some banks do provide single future scheduled transfers between accounts on online desktop banking.

Android here as well

Halifax is the same as Lloyds, you can do it if you set the other account up as a payee.

This would probably also work for Nationwide? I know payees can have payments set for a future date.

As I understand it any bank where your making a one off scheduled payment is just a one off standing order.

You can do a one off standing order with nationwide as well, the UI is just a little clunkier about it.

For nationwide, set your standing order, set the date it should start, set the end date the day after , that’s you done.

NatWest has the same for example they just have two extra options. A ‘pay later option’ or you can do the exact same thing through the standing order screen setting the number of payments to ‘one’.

A lot of banks have the number of payments option as well as the date based payment options.

That’s how I’ve always done it with any bank

It is. That’s basically what I always used in the past for one off future payments. A single round standing order.


Effectively, yes, although I’m not sure all banks allow you to set up a standing order to only go out “one time”.

Even if they don’t make it easy, you can always set up a standing order and then cancel it after one payment.

I suppose so, although at that point I would rather just manually do the transfer on the given date instead!


I think most do. Most should in theory have a continue for x number of payments option. And those who don’t should have a continue until x date option. So either way you can easily set up a single payment standing order.


I hadn’t thought to use the “until x date” option for the day after the first payment.

Then it would only go out once, obviously.