Science Card

I know we like a wacky card provider in these parts - so take a look at this :joy:

Anyone taking the plunge?

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Put my name on their list. Looks like launching “this autumn” but there’s no trace of them on any regulatory database that I could find, and no mention of them being regulated on the website

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What did you put to this?

Would you switch to Science Card as your main bank, helping change the world?

I put yes. It’s not legally binding, and it’s true, I would, if they offered 2% cashback or something.


Love it!

Will need some more information on them, especially around the “returns generated by research IP”. I don’t see anyone contributing via roundups getting any decent return (in £, not as %)

A shiny new card for the collectors - pretty much it, methinks.


I have enough accounts and cards, thank you :rofl::rofl:


With nothing on telly, I took a whistle-stop tour of the CEO. No shortage of visibility - lots of web sites but precious-little content…… and no shortage of hyperbole :grin:

What could go wrong?

Why so pessimistic, Graham?

He’s an entrepreneur with previous success as a founder in fintech by selling his last startup to blockchain.

There’s some Tom Blomfield vibes there, sure, but he created the largest fintech in the UK. So I’d be asking what could go right?

With my devil’s advocation out of the way, the idea needs buy-ins and I’m not sure I do. It’s unique enough with its niche, which is handy with how fragmented everything is. But is there an audience for it? I’m not sure. Not terribly keen on the look of the app or the design of the card either. And the name just makes it feel more scientology than science to me, so that’s off putting. Couple it with @ndrw’s regulatory check, and it’s a non-starter for me for now.

Dunno. The whole “investing in science projects “ thing seems way out there. He and his team are not short of vision and enthusiasm.

I’ll be pleased to be proved a doubting Thomas. But let’s watch eh? :blush:

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£20 per month for the premium account…with exactly the same offer as the standard one.

Whoops, I missed one important aspect - you can take equity in science start ups as part of your account.

Woo, and indeed hoo

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I just want the card for my collection, don’t care about science or start ups or whatever!


I think I’ve officially hit my saturation point for new accounts

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