Shawbrook Bank - Savings

For those with a Shawbrook ISA - some good news :blush:


Shawbrook Bank are currently offering a 6 month fix at 2%

With interest rates on the upward trend, this is a nice account for those wishing to hide larger sums of money for a few months, without committing for a full year, during which time Easy Access rates are likely to exceed 2%

Easy to open. Online only. No apps.

I used it to spread some of the cash I was storing in Chase Savings. Despite their rate, it felt uncomfortable holding the bulk of my cash reserves with one provider, for some reason. Don’t ask me why :person_shrugging: :smile:

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Good spot.

Out of interest, how did you come across the new product? They’re not known for spreading the word as I recall.

I’ve an ISA with them.

MSE forum :grin:

Have also noticed, since then, that it is also featured on the MoneyFacts website

The Flagstone one is minimum £10k though, whereas the Issue 2 is minimum £1,000.

The Flagstone only pays interest On Maturity. Issue 2 allows Monthly Interest.

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Thanks :blush: