Skipton app updates

It seems building societies don’t often make huge changes to their tech. But though it worth a post as they’ve added a nice update to include opening accounts in app.

I quite like their app, clean and simple does everything I need really

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It’d be alright if you didn’t need to change certain things through online banking rather than the app, the secure code often gets rejected for me.

I’ve been a happy enough customer, but will be moving the savings I have with them when the bonus rate expires.

I have their 3% saver as well now. but I have my LISA with them, despite the lower rate ive heard nothing but good thing with how they deal with using the LISA for house deposits. and they’ve been quick and easy to deal with on the phone. Hope they add more to the app as we could do with some tech savvy building societies

Same here @rexx

I have been very happy with Skipton, however, their rates will soon no longer be competitive, so I have emptied mine, bar a £1, and moved it across to my Tandem at 0.65%

Didn’t see the point of waiting a few more days tbh.

Still have the Member Regular Saver though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m waiting so I don’t have to move the interest over seperately as well

My interest is going in a different direction :blush: