Skipton Regular Saver 3.5% (for existing members)

£250/month max.

Must be an existing Skipton Building Society member


Nice find, thanks!

I’m not a Skipton customer but if I were, I’m not even sure I would bother for £56 in interest over the year. Ok, 56 quid is 56 quid, but at the end of the day, it’s an evening out in the pub for two.

I can honestly say, with the continuing pathetically low interest rates, I won’t be saving anything in any of the popular every day bank accounts because my personal view is, it just isn’t worth it. But I stress, that’s just me.

I wish I wasn’t such a miserable old git.


I’ll be moving most of my Skipton money soon, I could leave x amount to move over month per month…is it possible to do this via a scheduled withdrawal with Skipton?

I’m sure it is. Otherwise, you can set up a standing order from elsewhere to fund the Regular Saver

I signed up yesterday.

I’ll take it over my 1% ones.

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Just checked in the app and yes, it appears so.

Your holding funds will be earning just 0.15% in the meantime though.

Not that the faff of moving it around from higher rate account, through a current account, to Skipton is worth the difference imo.

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Yeah, I don’t have another Skipton account to check but it would let me schedule to a current account.

Yeah at least the holding funds would be earning something. Definitely one to consider as a drip feed

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Yeah I schedule to a linked account each month to fund my Coventry RS

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As usually it depends on your needs. Short term savings and emergency funds, why not. It reduces the impact of inflation a little bit and your going to use it soon anyway.

But for anything else, long term savings. Go with investments I say. Bank savings accounts are pointless for that

Me too atm.

My VLS 100 investment in April is currently up 6%

It’s a 10-year plan though, so I expect a lot of movement of the next decade. Not all favourable, probably.

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You cannot create a regular transfer between accounts in the Skipton app, nor can you schedule.

They are instant.

You can schedule a one-off payment using online banking, however, would need to create 11/12 individual transactions. cba

Just tried to do the method suggested up in thread. Failed.


I’ve just set up a scheduled payment lasting for 11 monthly payments from my Starling account to start from next month.

Perfect timing!

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Done same from my Monzo

So my original plan would have to be a manual transfer :thinking:

I could schedule it from Revolut and attain the same interest whilst it waits. 0.15