Small bags to wear with suit

Hi there all

In yet another general gibberish thread, I was wondering if any of you could recommend me a small sling-style bag (no more than 8L and has to be minuscule and lightweight) that I could wear with a blazer / suit jacket and not look stupid in

I don’t really like backpacks because I don’t carry nearly enough to need one, but similarly my back is quite weak so any bag I do get has to be really small

I will literally only be using it for longer days out (I’ll only keep a portable charger, a cable and maybe my phone in it). Few other things bar general EDC

I was thinking maybe the Bellroy Sling Mini, but I wonder how small is so small that it looks stupid (plus i am wary of slings as I’m currently fat)

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I have this for my iPad but a small drink can also fits on top of my phone, charger, pens, keys and a few small items.
I have not yet had a weird look from anyone :laughing:
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Peak Design do an ‘everyday sling’ model similar to the Bellroy which comes in 3 sizes… 3, 6 or 10 litre capacity

Nice find. R-

Bellroy is a good shout. Good quality stuff and a good one to go with. I like their backpacks.

I’m more of a backpack person and cote&ciel had been a lust of mine for several years. A bit pricier than a Bellroy though that it was hard to justify. Got a good offer on one via Thread I think last year. Exceptional backpack, both in quality of craftsmanship and design. They do slings too.