Something about music …

Apropos nothing, I did something quite cathartic this morning.

First, I nearly fell faint when, in removing an unwanted album from iTunes, I wiped my library clean - which gave me an empty phone.

Secondly, having come to, I paused and reflected on what I want to put back on the phone, it being my primary source of music.

Suffice it to say, I put only a fraction of those albums back into my library.

I feel refreshed and renewed. It’s to be recommended. :relieved:


Nice to know that people still do this. Back in the day I’d go for a full clearout of my MP3 Player every few months and do similar. Used to have a ‘next reset’ folder which I’d cycle music through, all either lovingly ripped or obtained from invite-only Torrent trackers (first OiNK, then - all long dead now). Those sites were great as they had a real ‘by fans for fans’ vibe about them, you could learn loads just by reading the comments.

Not sure where I’d find the time these days… suppose I’ve been using Spotify for much longer than I did the above.


Most of my music is on micro SD cards which I have downloaded a good proportion of my collection - which is large - to.

I have a couple of €30 MP3 players, and they do the trick. I am not an audiophile but I do like music - a lot!

All my albums are stored on my laptop hard drive. I simply use iTunes to organise it onto my phone.

I did similar. I decided to download all my playlists on Apple Music. Then go through the library to see what wasn’t downloaded, and therefore not on playlist.

Was nice. Found some songs I’d not heard in ages and was able to clean up storage.

That’s what I’m talking about :grinning:

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is it 2005 again?

Reading this, and then the replies, feels like I’ve stepped into a Time Machine. :sweat_smile:

I don’t think I’ve really bothered with managing a music library since Apple Music came along.

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Again ??? :flushed:


Me either but I’ve found it needed to clear up space for songs in my library that won’t likely get played. I’ll either stick a playlist on or just my station.

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My music library is purely with Spotify and a way to access my preferential music without using the search button every time.

Or do you mean a mp3 library?

Formatted over mine years ago. Not sure why I felt the need to do that though :thinking:

No I mean my music library.

Apart from when I got caught up in all The Greatest Showman craze and bought the album on iTunes to do my bit to help it break U.K. chart records, the last thing I added to my library was Kill em with kindness by Selena Gomez which came out in October 2015.

Since then I’ve pretty much been living in the streaming service. I search or ask Siri for what I want, but I primarily never leave the listen now/for you page. That has everything I’ve ever liked and ever might like. It tracks the artists it knows I like. Notifies me about new music releases and puts it right there.

Until just now to check what the last thing I added to my library was, I couldn’t possibly tell you when the last time I tapped on that tab was. But it’s been years.

That’s exactly how my music library has changed, too!

Apart from the Selena Gomez :slight_smile:

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And that was the very trigger for me. So much I see but don’t listen to. Not thrown it away - just removed it for now….

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I use Spotify to stream my music needs.

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