Space top ups

I guess it was only time before this appeared following the introduction of the bills feature.

Could be handy!

New to Saving Spaces: meet Top Ups! :rotating_light:

Use automatic transfers to top your Saving Spaces up to a chosen total each time, instead of transferring a fixed amount.

However much you have in your Space, with Top Ups we’ll add just enough to take it to your chosen level, on your chosen transfer day.

It’s perfect for your bills Space! Need your bills Space to have £500 in it, but there’s already £100 in there? With Top Ups, we’ll add the £400 difference from your main balance.

To try it out: update to the latest version of the app, tap ‘Manage Space’, then ‘Automatic Transfer’.


And yet it wasn’t in the change log

What’s interesting is it’s still missing an option I think (and maybe a more useful one). To fill up with a fixed amount every month until a target amount is reached

This is useful I think though for maybe variable bills where you want a buffer or maybe the shopping card space. But what else?

Nice small addition at least

Not sure how I’d use it tbf

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