Starling Business Account

For those that have a Starling Business account can you confirm if your list of Payees is separate from your personal account ones.

My Payees on personal sit across my Euro, Personal and Joint accounts.

I would assume they are separate as I would not want any business ones mixed in but thought I would just check

Thanks in advance

Yep, they’re all separate :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting that payees sit across Personal and Joint. No secrets from the other half.


Sorry my bad. They sit across Euro and Personal (just checked :crazy_face:)

This makes sense as they are both personal accounts.

Thank you for confirming Matthew


Would like to mention I’m impressed with how easy Starling made it to open my account. Tide was a lot more hostile and point-blank refused me because I didn’t have a signed contract with a supplier/client.

Wild that they want a business customer who already has a business, rather than is trying to start trading. Glad to see Starling is more accomodating.


Also, does anyone know what you’d do if your business changed significantly in nature? For example, I’m just using this as a sole trader account to provide SaaS in X sector, but I’m very open to pivoting if it isn’t working out to something rather different

Would I have to reopen or is it something I could message Starling to change? ESP considering that the trading as thing is there