Starling - Connected services

Can anyone else that makes use of a personal access token for Starling let me know if you can see it as a connected service in the market place? My tokens are due for the 90 day re-approval, got the notification, clicked … nada! Same thing happened to me last year March 2020.

Contacted support, we’ll look into it …

Nothing showing for the personal access token in my marketplace. Does it really need to be reauthorised? I’ve never noticed!

I can’t see it in my list of Marketplace connections, but thinking about it, I don’t think it was ever listed there. It does usually appear in my 90-day refresh notification though.

Yes, every 90 days unfortunately

Support said “ You should be able to re-authenticate by tapping on the banner at the top of the Marketplace dashboard, or, click the link from the notification.”

Notification took me to market place screen but nothing to approve

Strange. Have you tried re-authenticating your Developer account by scanning the QR code again?


Nearly 90 days later and get another notification saying my personal access token need reapproval. Starling support currently saying I need to reissue them via the developer portal! (Which is what I had to do 90 days ago)

This coupled with the annoying bug that when you withdraw from a space and go straight to the payment tab the balance isn’t refreshed so thinks you are going overdrawn is getting on my :goat: :rofl: