Starling - general thread

Apparently according to twitter virtual cards are coming very soon


Aren’t transactions for spaces available through the API? I haven’t tried it, but I always assumed that’s what the CategoryUuid was for :thinking:

I don’t use the API directly myself but they don’t show up in Emma, for example, and neither do Monzo pot transactions.

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Ah, I see what you mean!

At that point, I can ditch Revolut.

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If it’s non pay-walled, got to be a bit of a blow to Monzo Plus with two competitors offering it?


Meanwhile me, still waiting to use the free longue pass I got from having metal

No, they’re not. Bonkers design decision.

For example, if you link a DD to a Space, the transaction doesn’t show on your Spending feed and it isn’t visible via the API. So you’ve got to go into the Space on the Starling app even to see it. That makes no sense at all

I thought the £2pm fee for a second personal account was being removed from 21 Nov.
The app still states the fee will be applicable if I go to open one.
Have I misunderstood the change?

Says this in latest iOS Update

Odd. I’m on Android
There’s no further update in Store, which dates this build as 19 Nov.

Also, the new spending totalisers are a little wonky: Where’s the rest of the ytd £61742 below?

Does the maths work out right for others’ ytd?

Wording in app has now magically changed to reflect the dropping of the monthly fee (version/build hasn’t changed).
Wording on website’s help pages still shows the monthly £2pm, so the copy needs updating.

Still can’t get my head around the totals as above, however…
I’ve asked Support and was terminated from live-chat whilst typing a reply (!).
This is what they told me - I really don’t know what they mean at all…

Have you identified which months are adrift?

Hi Graham
Figured it out in the end: The 61742 is the addition of outwards from Goldman and another merchant you can’t see there called Payable, which showed as positive, i.e. ‘money received’.
As Category/Merchant totals are netted by in/out, you have to go through all their outward entries to get the ‘Total Spent’.
That’s a royal pain, as you can’t sort category/merchant by in/out.
Not the most at-a-glance feature I’ve ever seen…

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Spoiler: New app icon :grin:

No savings accounts or virtual debit cards tho

Nope :cry:

Not this time.


I wonder whether Starling will place any restrictions on new accounts? Considering so many people are using them for a ‘burner’ account for switch bonuses.

Starling had very good net positive switching numbers recently though?

Starling was one of the most switched-to banks this year.

I wouldn’t personally use Starling Bank as a switch burner account, they’re far too good for that in my opinion. That’s what High Street banks are for as they’re stupid enough to fund my private dental treatment by giving away free money in the vain hope of attracting customers who might actually stick with them. Not a chance with me! I’ll take their free cash any time and dump them at my leisure :+1: