Starling Littering my Credit File

So I get a notification from Clear Score saying I’ve had a ‘new’ Starling account added, which is in fact a closed account from 2019.

I am also informed that I have a new linked address. I’ve had to move this year, so any more linked addresses isn’t a good look (false info isn’t great generally) Guess what, my closed Starling account has the wrong road number against it.

I emailed Starling to tell them they have made a mistake and need to correct it. They responded saying it was entered wrong by me during sign up and the address was ‘indeed correct’.

Well, I received the card at my home at the time & have responded to them with an old statement which I luckily had access to (it has the correct address on it for that time) .

Cowboy antics if you ask me, either the address has been updated incorrectly after the account was closed or it was set up wrong in the first place.

If the statement is not sufficient for them it’ll be going to the Ombudsman, I’ve already filed it with Equifax.


I can’t really make sense of your problem. Did you open a new account or not? It sounds like you opened a new account by the fact you got a card sent to you

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I am confused too @eden as well. Did you open a new account thinking it was reopening a old one. As I am sure they would need to credit check you to open a new starling account.


No, never reopened anything, it’s been closed since 2019.

They updated the address, to an incorrect one, on the closed accounts profile which then reports to the CRA.

This has resulted in a false linked address on my Equifax Credit Report.

Starling have now admitted fault and told me to file it with Equifax.

Apologies. I received the card where I used to live, which I wouldn’t have done if I’d inputted the wrong address when signing up in 2018!

Given I had a copy of a statement with the correct old address, they’ve admitted the error.

Still, filing a dispute with Equifax is a pain. Its an archaic site. Can’t help but feel they couldn’t do more to rectify their own error?

For the purpose of fairness, I’ve also noticed that Credit Ladder are causing the same issue to. I have evidence of the address being correct when I was their customer as well!