Starling paying cash 💰

I didn’t realise how easy it was to pay cash into starling as it was instant notification once I had paid into the post office yesterday.


That’s good to know. I’ve never personally paid any physical money into my Starling account via a Post Office counter. Every transaction has been electronic. Then again, I don’t accept cash off anyone and I’ve had a few that have tried to give me cash but I’ve always managed to convince them to pay me electronically or for those that still have a cheque book, give me a cheque.

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I rarely have to pay cash in but, when I do, it’s so easy :slight_smile: Much better than having to find a specific bank branch.

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Almost all banks do this. Have used it quite a few times over the years.

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Was here to comment exactly this, it’s not just Starling. Barclays is probably the most annoying Post Office deposit though. They require your PIN, which for someone who never uses their card is a tad annoying

I know there’s around 30 banks or so that have this arrangement with the Post Office.

You needed a paying in slip with TSB I think

I don’t think Nationwide offer the service

There’s a list of supported banks on the PO website - Everyday Banking | Personal & Business Accounts | Post Office®


It appears that TSB has now upgraded to deposits via debit card now too.

I use this service as PO branch is 10mins walk but like having this and a real branch available too if needed.

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