Starting a Fintech - Lending

Hi I am starting a consumer lending app (theres more to it haha). I am planning to partner with a registered FCA consumer lender and integrate with them via api’s.

I am a bit unclear about how Fintechs secure their first lending partners and which type of lenders they approch when they’ve just started?

I appreciate any advice.

I don’t think any of us know, or we’d all be doing it.

As a consumer though, it wouldn’t fill me with confidence if a prospective lender was looking for advice on how to get started with what they want to do on a relatively little known (no offence @Mathew) fintech forum

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I mean this in the nicest possible way, but if your first thought is to google for a fintech forum and ask them, you’re so far out of your depth that you’re very close to the Titanic ballroom.


Do you know anything about the regulatory environment for being a financial services provider?

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Hi @ndrw, I purposely made the question very vague but there is a lot more going on. At the moment we’re building the poc and we’re speaking witht the FCA and potential lenders. I just wondered if other Fintechs approched the same type of lenders we are or did they go straight to the Big Banks when starting out.
Thans for the response.

laughing and crying at the same time hahaha.

In that case have you got any indication as to how to go about it. I work in the technology industry and I have never worked in the banking/financial industry so bare with me, all I need is direction or a clue as to where to look?


  1. have a detailed business plan
  2. approach lenders you’d like to work with
  3. be rejected by everyone
  4. iterate your business plan based on feedback
  5. repeat steps 2-4 several times
  6. profit…? Maybe?

Now where do I go to set up my lending business?

Well, doesn’t this all depend on your business plan?

You could approach institutional lenders like local building societies

Or high net worth individuals. You probably can’t have high-risk investments like peer to peer lending given to a common man with no protections, it’s why that one place I can’t remember the name of has a reimbursement fund taken out of loan profits to cover most of the defaults.

Hi @MstNateX

Where are you based? I know in Wales we have a few places we can go to ask these types of questions - Business Wales, Development Bank of Wales, and possibly FinTech Wales.

If you’re elsewhere in the UK, I’m sure there are equivalent organisations that do the same sort of thing, so it’s worth having a look for these. I’m almost certain FinTech Wales is part of a UK-wide group.

If you’re already talking with the FCA, I think that’s a good start in terms of regulation. It may be helpful to hire a consultant who specialises in this area too.

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Why not go into insurance instead. It’s a licence to print money.