Switching Bonus

For those that don’t know about it, Lloyds currently offering a £100 current account switch bonus:

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The switch may be, but the opening the account and getting the CASS moving was far from it yesterday.

Applications froze on me twice, during the process.

Spoke with CS and it’s now being sent out to me my post for a signature.

Time to power up the DeLorean.

Not a great first impression tbh


To be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever CASS’ed an account to Lloyds. Both times I had a current account with them, I went into a branch (over a decade back lol!). Never had an issue with any CASS I’ve done online with any of the other banks I’ve been a customer of.

It could be the freezing during the process was an influx of applications? Don’t know, just a supposition.

Expect multiple credit searches, me thinks. I think we had this before, I can’t remember if it was a switching bonus though?

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Totally new customer to Lloyds Bank here.

I opened mine in less than five minutes, account switch scheduled and decent overdraft offered. None of the record ‘I want a current account’ video nonsense either.

Not really sure how their branch allocation algorithm works as it’s not a central sort code plus the branch it’s opened at appears completely random.


Years ago, when I opened my account online, it did seem to be the nearest branch that was allocated.

Sometimes though, if nearby branches are “running out” of account numbers, banks seem to allocate you to a different sort code, almost at random. I had that once with NatWest, where they allocated a branch around 30 miles away despite several being closer.

It’s good your switch seemed to go OK.

@Topsy2 I’ve switched to Lloyds before and had no issues at all, but it was a switch in to an existing account. They paid the bonus on time as promised and I got no grief about it! It was equally plain sailing at Halifax.

Lloyds are a good bank I have my wages paid to them .


I am just waiting. We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I am making a grab for the Santander switch offer of £130 too.

I knew there was a reason I opened so many Virgin Money current accounts :rofl:


Lloyds seems fine so far - as expected - the app is basically a port of the BOS one in green.

I will probably convert to a Classic in due course as the Club Lloyds freebies rewards aren’t for me. Once the £100 is deposited :money_mouth_face: then it will await another switch.

I have requested the Vue Cinema tickets, which nets me another almost £30 that I would have spent anyway :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks to the IT glitches while trying to open the Lloyds account, I now have FOUR hard searches against my credit report in one day.

Final one worked of course.

Good job I don’t need credit.

Unless it impacts my energy and broadband options in January, oops

Make a complaint. I asked for them to remove it the last time I got a switching bonus and they removed them all and gave me 75 pounds.

Might need to check if it’s a common problem but Lloyds acceptance was almost instantaneous so not expecting four credit checks.

Heading to Santander next and their application check seemed take a long time (actually thought it had crashed) but it approved just before I was going to try something else.

I had this when I opened a new Santander account the other day.

I had a spare Tesco Bank account that I thought I might as well switch (before Tesco close it) and the Santander switch incentive seemed simple enough, but there was no way for an existing customer to apply online.

So I opened a new account with them and decided to do the switch that way. The exact same thing happened, where the page was white and a black “circle of doom” was spinning around for at least 30 seconds.

We have very slow internet here, so I was convinced the connection had dropped, and then suddenly the approval came up!

They must just have slow systems?


Spoke to a very nice bloke at Lloyds CS yesterday, who agreed with me that all those searches were not right and, as they were as a result of glitches in their mobile and internet banking onboarding, has submitted a correction form for the CRAs to amend to just the one search.

Lloyd’s report mainly to Experian, was what I was told, which explains the multiple entries only appearing on my MSE Credit Club accessed report (Experian). One appeared on TransUnion and none on Equifax.

See if anything disappears in next month or two. (May have missed this month’s return to Experian).


Likewise. Even longer pause now until we get our incentive