Tally 2pc Fixed Saver


2% - but a guaranteed 1% administrative deduction if they go bump from what I’ve read

And they charge you £20 to add you to their waiting list!! :rofl:

No thanks.

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Is that the £20 annual fee generally?

One-off apparently. Not annual.

For the amount I’d entrust them with - I doubt I’d earn that back :joy:


2% on £1000 is, erm, £20 :man_facepalming::joy:

Net profit then? £0 :man_shrugging:

Inflation busting!!!

Quick scan - are funds protected ?

Yes & no

E money protection sorta - main difference being it’s gold not e money - so it would have to go back through the chain into e money then to your linked bank account - additional risk if their payment processor also had financial problems

They state the cost of the selling off of your gold by an administrator to be 1% - which is more transparent than most but also a little high…

I’ll be giving it a miss - £20 joining fee and a waiting list nullifies the risk incentive further. still got some relatively early stage Dozens bonds which probably cater to sufficiently as alternative savings mechanism for me atm

Thanks @Rexx , a barge-pole springs to mind :flushed:

I may be misquoting them a little - but generally speaking it does look best swerved!

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I’m getting Chip vibes. It’s just too complicated with too many caveats to be a fixed saver for comparison with any other


Didn’t Tally go bump at some point ? Their previous incarnation used to charge you an annual fee based on your holdings.

Coincidentally, I bought £1.50s worth of gold on Revolut when I opened the account and it fell for quite a long time.

Reminded me to close my account…

Goldex has just shuttered its retail app. How is Glint still operating?!

I just don’t see any future for all this gold plus debit card malarkey

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Closed Tally?

Imagine it takes a lot for you to close a fintech account :sweat_smile:

I just don’t use it and can’t be bothered to think about whenever the annual fee will kick in…

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Fair do’s!