Tesco Bank finally enable Google Pay

At long last…

Google Pay - Mobile Payments - Tesco Bank

(Note, only credit cards so far, Clubcard Pay+ debit cards still don’t work.)

I think that only leaves Barclays as a major player not supporting Google Pay.

Now, if only my Tesco CC was worth using :person_shrugging:

Hold too many better options atm, however, I have retained my Tesco CC as has a decent credit limit for those emergencies where rewards are not as important as being able to purchase something (service/product).

Yep, their current crop of products are right on the borderline of being unrecommendable based on their earnings rate. I wouldn’t be hurrying to apply for one.

I’m lucky to be on their grandfathered Premium cards which is an extra 1 pt per £ at Tesco (outstanding) and 1 pt £4 elsewhere (OK to good depending on txn value).

Mine is left over from a 0% BT from my stoozing days in 2017.

1pt per £8 is irrelevant to me.

That said, 99.9% of my current spend is on my Chase debit card for the 1% cashback anyway.

Credit cards do not really get a look in unless a major purchase.

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The real killer is that it’s calculated rounded down on a per txn basis. A £7.99 purchase earns 0 and a £15.99 purchase earns 1 lousy point.

If it wasn’t for this it’d actually be an OK (if not outstanding) rate, roughly 0.3% if used against a reward partner.

What’s your plan when Chase cashback ends?

Algbra @ 1%

Alternatively, back to my Amex at 0.5%, with Barclaycard or Pulse as Visa/Mastercard back up at 0.25%

Hardly worth it tbf, but I’ll just do it and see what return I have at the end of the year.