The App Design Thread

Inspired by the card design thread and offshoot of the small side discussion that had developed within the RBS app updates thread, I thought it would be good to have a place dedicated to discussing the UI and UX of our favourite banking apps.

This is where we can consolidate all of that discussion and compare app design from different banks and finance apps.

I’ll start with N26, naturally, because I feel like their UX was very me. Minimalist and simple with all the complexities taken away, and no unnecessary clutter or ornamentation. The interface is very clean and nicely presented, though no longer looks as nice with the merchant logos in my view.

What I really loved though, were the small touches, and attention to detail. Drag and drop to move funds between spaces. The Jedi gesture to blur out your balances. The floating live chat button, so you could navigate the app, check specific transactions for details without needing to leave the page the chat is on.



N26 UI/UX was the best, hands down. Unfortunately they just didn’t know how to function outside of the eurozone or weren’t willing to commit to the U.K. (which is weird, since they knew Brexit was happening and the British economy is worth near enough 20 of the smaller EU states they’ve launched in)

I liked that all their charges were for functionality, too. Namely the insurance digitisation etc. it was all about a stress free, seamless, enjoyable experience


Yes, N26 was an exciting proposition in the UK and was a long time coming. The card and app were refreshingly different - the app minimalist and infussy, the card weird and transparent with that little, seemingly random, antenna-thing.


Yeah, still have that weird N26 card in my collection.

Just cannot bring myself to cut up cards, rather than collect them over the years :rofl:


You mean the contactless antenna? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Exactly that…

N26 is the only bank that ever refused me an account, so I hold a grudge :grin:

I couldn’t open a UK-based N26 account because I already had a € one. The friendly customer service guys told me I would have to close my German account first; for some inexplicable reason you couldn’t have both :man_shrugging:

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