"The AppDate"

Something new from Starling, a (regular?) email newsletter devoted to their app:

Would love to see this expand to sneak peeks of what’s coming soon, maybe even some feature request surveys etc?


Yes, just received this too. :grinning:

They coined this term a week ago in “The Murmur” newsletter:

Hope they do make this a regular thing. It would be nice to get an idea of what they’re working on.


Yup, just got it as well but most of it I already knew from here or the “other” place. R-

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But if we weren’t reading and posting here, and most customers aren’t, it would have been a useful update!

This is likely to help the majority of customers realise what’s new, etc, so well worth continuing.


I agree. I wasn’t being critical, more about how ahead of this type of communication these forums are. All marketing is worth it. R-

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Oh yes, I agree with you totally!

(I didn’t think you were being critical either, for what it’s worth - I was just thinking along the same lines of how valuable places like this are :slight_smile: )


What update!? I feel the Android version has been pretty stagnant for a while with only bug fixes and the whole rubbish “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and this week the updates are “invisable” update log bobbins. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it’s clear to see iOS is Starlings darling boy these days.

The iOS updates haven’t mentioned more than fixes but have changed spaces screen and payment as well.


What changed?