The silence

It’s been very quiet here today.
Not a single post since this time last night.
very strange :thinking:

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Apologies, I was out clubbing last night so been taking it slow today

I thought the same.

Thought the forum was broke :man_shrugging::roll_eyes:

Yep I thought so too.

Or maybe with the Monzo forum open again it’s starting to lose steam?

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Or perhaps sometimes, silence really is golden.

I’m not sure the Monzo forum would really have that much of an impact on this site. But that’s just my opinion, and as my favourite saying goes, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one.


This community was set up after the unfortunate demise of FinTechTalk if I’m not mistaken, but it really picked up during Monzo Community-gate as Monzo Community members migrated here, following a link (that was removed from the Community shortly after).

Granted, I don’t know how active FTT used to be, but I’m just not sure how much scope there is for n+1 fintech forums and subreddits, particularly if it’s not a space you can really advertise. Apart from the Monzo Community and MSE forums, most places I’ve seen tend to be really slow burners

Regardless, there have been some pretty great discussions and information here so I do hope it continues

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I do like this forum. Yes, we do occasionally, but rarely, have the odd spat between contributors, but it’s still nothing like the other forum, which in my opinion, is still quite often, not a very nice place to read, again, my own opinion. It’s better than it was, and Monzogate was probably the best thing that happened to the forum, but it still has a long way to go I think. Anyway, don’t want to get into Monzo forum bashing.

I’m still absolutely of the opinion however, that Starling did the correct thing and shoved their forum in a bag with a brick and drowned it.

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Me and @Recchan haven’t said anything controversial for a while :joy:

Yes there have, I agree.

I think we’ve settled in to a “slow but steady” stream of contributions here, and it’s a valuable resource but not something that runs at a million miles an hour.

If anything, that’s quite nice as you can take a day off and not get lost in new posts.


Another beautifully formed phrase.
Oscar Wilde would have had nothing on you. :joy:

(ps - I was in that bag……:face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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Nice observation - and right, I think. Other erudite colleagues herein, have said pretty much the same today.

I do like a lively thread and, at its best, I’ll unashamedly hold posters here to be as good as anything I’ve seen on other forums past & present.

You’ll never get the volume - it’s a small club. And the absence of a dedicated link to any bank means there’s not likely to be chunky loyalist discussions about the next feature.

But hey ho - I’d rather be here than, well, there…

(Anyway - the cross-pollination we’re seeing of our members on other sites brings with it the odd new topic and yes, the occasional bit of goss…)


Very well put, and a key part of the forum’s appeal in my opinion.

It’s great to have a place which has both an editorially-independent remit and the opportunity for truly open and frank discussion (and, sometimes, the gossip as you say when we come at things from a slightly different angle here to the other forums).

And being a small club does also add a feeling of being part of something exclusive, which is nice.


Slow but steady is a pace I like! Particularly when Monzo is far too active! That’s when I find myself coming on here or 9to5 more frequently. I enjoy discussions when they’re much less hectic than things can get over there.

I have noted it’s a bit quieter here at times than FTT used to be though. I think much of that is down to the fact discussions are rarely outside the scope of the banking world, and sometimes there just isn’t much happening worth discussing! Perhaps we need a little more talk on the tech side of fintech!


I’d enjoy those sorts of discussions, as you can probably guess from the conversations we’ve had around technology at 9to5 and Monzo.

Perhaps we need to be making more of an effort in that area!

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Feels like an AGM :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Good to see you all about again :+1: :+1: :+1:


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