The Tandem thread

Yes it has completely fallen over, clearly the proposition is set up on the premise that very few of their customers would ever need to contact them.

When they offered me £25 yesterday I was very clear that I’d consider this closed when I get my money - they still send a comp closed letter yesterday…

I was rushed off of chat a few minutes ago but got a time and date of when they “reprocessed” but didn’t feel I could take the time to ask about the fixed savers or furthering my complaint - one for when the dust settles…

Is that two days now they’re out of action?

I imagine their lack of an ISA is causing a bit of an exodus of cash, but that’s no excuse as all the withdrawals (or almost all);will be automated.

I got the money a few hours ago - they started sending emails and texts after the event. Was a poor showing

I take it that you’re pulling the heap now?

I have three fixed savers so I am, to some degree, stuck.

I am in exactly same position.

Instant Access at £0 though

Yeah beyond annual interest payments I won’t have much interaction with them now - I am sure this will be the worst of it and I do have good rates for some money stored for a particular purpose. If they were ISAs I’d probably have transferred for a penalty though :face_exhaling:

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Errr what

I know right. Green Guy clearly eats Spam!

Do you think Tandem will come out with an ISA? Haven’t seen any word of it so thinking not which must be quite a drain on their customer base.