Thousands of Santander customers locked out

Yup, can’t access mine.

It’s only used for household direct debits anyway, so no issue for me personally.

This is why I’ll always have a credit card!


Getting on for four hours, that’s quite a long time for a total outage.

On Twitter they’re only pushing other banks ATMs (they were saying Post Office too earlier but didn’t last time) as a way to get cash - I assume this means that their branches are also down (though I suppose they’ll all be shut at this time on a Saturday, now).

Seems like a good excuse to CASS :laughing:

I wonder if they were doing something to their systems overnight as part of their transition to Mastercard which might have gone wrong?

I assume CASS would fail if their systems are down

Why are banks so bad at IT?

I think their transition to Mastercard completed a while ago, as far as I am aware they are no longer issuing Visa debit cards.

To be fair, other than TSB they don’t go down that often - I imagine the importance of ensuring the integrity of the transactions they’re carrying out slows everything down, including recovery from failures.

A friend of mine mentioned there was overnight maintenance, but I’m guessing it didn’t quite go to plan :grimacing:


Some existing customers still haven’t had their Visa cards replaced.

I was thinking along the lines of removing Visa-related code, anyway, so you would expect that to happen when the transition for now customers, at least, had already happened.

I don’t think I have ever heard of anybody suggesting removing code from an enterprise system :rofl:


The app had maintenance from midnight to 6am.

Clearly extended way beyond that.

I could log in a few hours ago, but not see transactions.

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Still not working. Seems evenly divided on Twitter whether this is ransomware or a massive TSB technical frack-up. They are advising people to “go to other banks’ ATMs” and the cards are not working there either, due to the issues. They advertised also that banks would be open till 6pm tonight (only a few were where staff volunteered) and tomorrow am 10-12 (which I imagine even fewer will be).

“Why are banks so bad at IT?”

Because everything is done on the cheap.

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The app is working now.

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All back now apparently


Looking at the screenshots of their mobile app it looks almost like they’ve copied Lloyds Banking Group core app and reskinned it

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Hi, where are these screenshots? Are they new?

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I assume you mean screenshots from the App Store?

It’s really not like Lloyds at all, the app as a whole is more lightweight (and it shows, since significant functionality is missing - you don’t get notifications for anything and there is no cheque imaging support, for example).

However, what Santander lacks in features, it makes up for in a kind of elegant simplicity (whereas others, like Nationwide, have an app which manages to be both basic and clunky).


yes I meant the screenshots from the app but I think @Seb has cleared up that I may be way off the mark :slight_smile:

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