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I stumbled across TTMM, and by proxy Dzing Finance, the other day. It intrigued me, so I signed up. I needed another sim for an old phone anyway. It turns out they offer a debit account, in £ & €, you can spend a max of £129 without any KYC checks. I’ve only found little bits of information out about them, and their app isn’t too well-rated in the App Store, but they intrigue me; plus, you can get a limited edition 1 of 1000 card design, and I’m a sucker for cards :laughing:

Anyway, here’s the invite if any of y’all are interested :hugs:
“Here’s an invitation to join TTMM! Use this referral link to receive 100% cash back towards your mobile account”

Looks like you posted twice, @Charlie. Feel free to remove the duplicate :grin:

Very clever tbh because mobile people change a lot less than banks probably (or the other way around)
Combining two beefy parts of life = lot less likely to leave


I refer you to my previous review of to the moon mobile:

You might argue it’s a bit short to be called review, but I really don’t think there’s anything else to say about the idea …

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Must say I learned a bit from that thread.


What happens if you want to cut down the mobile part to a minimal cost or pay as you go?

As far as I can tell, it’s not possible (so you would also “lose” your bank account).

It seems like having that kind of high bar to entry is a problem.


Indeed, it’s an interesting concept for customer retention imo
Phone bill & account, need both to have both etc


I suppose it’s two sides of the same coin:
Yes, it’s difficult to acquire customers because of the high bar to entry but, equally, it’s hassle to leave so may work out as a customer retention tool?

I still think it’s a bit niche as you are bundling two things which consumers may not particularly want bundled. Especially when you consider how mobile plans are often already bundled with pay TV and broadband, so you would potentially be asking customers to be reviewing their arrangements across that whole sector as well in order to get buy-in.

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So I signed up as I’m sick of Three signal and saw a cheap entry to EE via a piggy back.

So far on the Mobile side it’s been fine. £5 credit to port. Completed in two days. SIM came pronto and signal good so far. I was also sent a poorly written message when asking about renewing a bundle and was compensated £10 mobile credit without even asking :joy:

Finance wise - not so good…submitted my ID and haven’t heard anything in a few days. Tried to top up 1p via FP and it was declined - don’t think they’re returned the 1p either! I understood you could top up £129 without ID? Card came quick in the post - but cannot be used currently as I wouldn’t risk topping up again without an explanation for the 1p issue :joy: Looks like I’ll be waiting till tomorrow for one…

Oh dear, that’s not a great start!

Yeah it’s not a great testament to the telecomfintech model :grimacing:

Didn’t see too much risk as it was more about the better signal for me though

So my 1p has returned, my account remains under document submission review to lift limits. Supposedly nothing document specific and a ticket has been raised - it’s affecting certain new users…

One advisor told me the 1p was rejected due to verification (though it’s marketed as £129 top up with no ID) and another said it may be a ‘beneficiarry’ typo - somewhat ironic. Chase text said the account can’t accept deposits…

There’s a £10 bonus for spending £20 but not sure I trust the 20 being sent there 😵‍💫

I have been given £10 already by way of an apology - which I will use for my next months data alongside £5 I got for porting.

All in all, the telecom side seems fine. Nothing more nothing less. The banking side seems very sketchy.

I was stuck in verification for like a week, the finance side does seems a little sketch :upside_down_face:


They had said they are speaking to their finance consultant today - seems like a one man band :joy:

Account verified. Revolut topped up £10 twice and Amex paid off for 1p to trigger £10 mobile credit - let’s hope they don’t blacklist me :joy:

My account is stuck in an infinite loop of verification bugs, about to give up on them…