Trading 212 Debit Card

Not a traditional bank account but Trading 212 have launched a cashback debit card which I think may be of interest to some here


Also paying 1.5% cashback up to October.

I’d have to put a £1000 through it just to cover the delivery cost of the card, given I get 1% with Chase anyway.

The 5.2% interest offer is attractive, but is that variable and how does APY differ to APR :thinking:

You don’t have to get the physical card. Virtual card is free, add to Google/apple pay.

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You have to add the virtual card to Curve.

Google/Apple Pay support is not yet available but coming soon

Thanks for the tip.

I suppose you can still use the virtual card for online purchases. I have a couple of large purchases due before October, I’d get about £10 more cashback compared to Chase which is worth it for me.

It’s a no from me then. :rofl:

Sounds as if Apple Pay is coming in May with Google Pay in June.

I’ve applied for one and it was relatively smooth, but noticed later in the Ts & Cs that, above €2000 or equivalent - cumulative, you have to pay 0.7% of the deposit as a fee - I am not sure if this is just for debit/credit transfer or bank transfers. This reminds me a bit of that Irish neobank that someone mentioned here. I can see others like Monese adopting this.

£2k limit is just for debit card topups. Don’t think you can topup by credit card and if you can would be subject to cash advance fee.

Just says ‘card’ so maybe you can top-up with a credit card, though I’ve not tried.

Going by the forums, I think a fair number of people carry on topping up after they hit the £2000 and pay that 0.7% when they don’t have to.

So a bank transfer would effectively sidestep that?

Yes. Bank transfers are free.