Triodos Bank

I noticed card top ups from Triodos to Revolut were failing - I thought they could speed up the transfer times. Always failed so I contacted Triodos - they have blocked all card payments to Revolut citing fraud - almost akin to how banks block Binance. Seems a bit extreme as a faster payment to Revolut could have even less clawback!

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Here’s another odd one! Triodos only offer overdrafts for a specific purpose eg car repairs with a predefined repayment term - almost akin to a loan! So no overdrafts to help with smoothing out direct debit dates etc

It’s a big traditional bank thing of generally not liking anything that isn’t a licensed bank. This sort of issue seems to plague basic bank accounts with the big banks too.

When my my mom had a basic Nationwide account before switching to Monzo, she was never able to set up cash app with it or send me payments via for instance. Though it was never tested with Revolut, I doubt it’d have worked there either.

Not sure Triodos is really a ‘big bank’ tbh.

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Wrong word. I meant traditional.

You sure you’re not mistaking it for a personal loan?

This wasn’t how they worked when I was a customer, though I do believe they ask what you want it for and for how much when you apply for one.

I think it’s likely that fraudsters have targeted people through the “debit card top up” that Revolut offer. This could allow you to top up with another persons card or indeed top up your own Revolut where they have access (any desk style scams where they encourage you to setup a new account whilst they watch) - but surely 3d secure should cover this from a fraud/risk? It seems like resourcing issue to me - where they’re being risk averse as they don’t want to deal with the problem even if there would be more genuine usage than not.

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Not at all here’s the wording:

An overdraft can be requested by calling us but they need to be for a specific item and have an expiry date. We do not offer overdrafts for “just in case” reasons.

This is from a secure message they don’t advertise the restriction

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How strange.

Must be a new thing. It’s very different to the wording on the product page too, where it’s described just like any other overdraft from another bank.

Perhaps a cost of living lending retrenchment - but it’s a far from atypical and renders the facility a relatively expensive loan

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