Triodos Bank

Hello all.

Following some events I have decided to try and “eco” up my banking setup.

I have a Coop account which already has a predetermined purpose. Rather than open another account with them I thought I could try Triodos.

I understand about the fee and no Apple Pay - perhaps it can be my back up physical card in the wallet? Also - worst case I don’t like it and it’s sacrificial CASS - I don’t have one in single name rn.

In terms of payment delays - how long is long?

Anyway - I understand they do a referral of £60 vouchers and a donation on the other side. Could be incentive enough to try it out. Does anyone have one spare?

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I joined under some incentive a few years back, something to do with Yeo Valley IIRC. The experience was awful:

  1. Basic app with some poor UX (sort code was absolutely buried away, the only way I figured out how to see it was to bring up my card).
  2. Old fashioned online banking.
  3. Faster payments were not instant, sometimes they take many hours.
  4. Adding payees relies on a non-optional single purpose 2FA physical device. These things annoy the hell out of me and I thought were largely a thing of the past (or were at least relegated to being a backup for customers without smartphones). What particularly irked me about it was the song and dance they made about how eco-friendly the debit card was…

There was also an article about some rather shady stuff they were involved in, which rather undermined their whole ethical standpoint.

They did pay out the £60 Ethical Superstore voucher in a timely manner however, so there’s that.

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This is the role it served for me. Really wanted it to be more than it was. I eventually binned it off not too long ago. I loved it for the ethical credentials and the actual card itself is lovely too. Quality made. It’s why I’m so excited about Algbra. Hoping they can be what Triodos couldn’t.

Faster payments will always take the full two hours, both in and out.

I actually thought the app was okay and liked the UI, basic though it is.

No longer a customer so couldn’t refer you, but I’m not that into referral programs anyway. They undermine good, honest, recommendations, and I’d much rather recommend something because I like it, and not have the undermined by a potential kickback possibly swaying my thoughts.

With that said, if you know the drawbacks, and are perfectly happy to live with them, I can wholeheartedly recommend Triodos.

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I wonder what shady stuff! Do you have the article?

Yes I have my eye on something on Neals Yard. So glad they pay out quick.

Yea I did read your post about Algbra. For now if I did open another account I’d want it to be “CASS-able”. But minds thinking alike on the card.

That sort of pace of transfer would certainly limit it to a spending card of sorts. Albeit Revolut offer instant lifting of funds with card top up’s.

It’s interesting to hear you like the UI. Have you banked with the Coop - is it similar?

Shame you’re no longer there - I was hoping you might be able to line up the referral for me! I hear what you mean about referrals but I don’t mind a little incentive - softens the blow if it doesn’t turn out well. Alas!

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Opinion | European banks implicated in Cambodia’s microcredit scandal (

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Thanks - I’ll give that a read

It’s better than co op I think, quirks aside.

The Ui you mean?

Not sure in regards to the UI, co ops has come along over the last few years. Might be better than Triodos now for all I know. Although the App Store reviews don’t rate Co op very well at all.

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Got a link - having a nightmare signing up. It’s perpetually rejecting my ID despite me checking the legibility. Then it makes me complete the form again in its entirety!

I’ve had issues with my license being accepted before - perhaps I’ll try the PP later.

No idea if a credit check has been done!

I used my passport IIRC and didn’t have any issues. Some banks can be really finicky with glare and shadows though so it can be hard to frame the photo right.

Don’t believe triodos do a hard search unless you ask for an overdraft, and certainly not before confirming your ID. Would need to go back and recheck my credit file though,

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Well eventually it took my ID without immediate rejection but I’ve not heard from them since.

Let’s see how the process goes now.

Another quick one - for the £100 to get the voucher do you know if it must be paid in one go or whether it can be paid in increments?

No idea. Don’t think this existed when I got my account.


No problemo.

Week & a half since I applied now and no movement whatsoever!

So…I called up for a second time. It turns out the ID had been declined again but the app didn’t refresh, leaving me on a screen implying the ID was being reviewed when in fact it needed resubmitting. An email was meant to go out - but I certainly didn’t receive it. I had called last week and the agent rushed me off the line saying they would “flag it for someone to look into”. Twitter support would always insist you call and nothing could be done through them. Every time I had to resubmit the ID I had to upload all of the information again so cba to do it. Poor in app flow/UX & poor service. Decided not to complain but it was a poor experience. The second worst experience I’ve had applying for an account to Nationwide. Perhaps they knew I might consider switching away if I didn’t find the fee worth it, having pocketed a free £60 voucher :joy:

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Guess what - despite me asking to withdraw the application…

“Dear _____,

Good news! Your new Triodos Current Account is now open. Thank you for choosing to be part of something bigger – a community using their banking to build a sustainable future.

Over the next few days you’ll receive your Triodos eco-friendly contactless Debit Mastercard® – this will have your sort code and account number on it, along with instructions on how to get your card PIN.”

:joy: - so perhaps the first agent was right, not the second & it was just awaiting verification…


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Well I’m on…

A few things present I wasn’t expecting due to low expectations…

Standing order in app
Freeze card in app
Sort code in app (it’s on the card section)

I’m not expecting pending card payments either - but will see when the card arrives

Pending card payments are there…

You can also see the bank details of an account who has sent money to you & “copy” the payment

Bar the Apple Pay, FP & cash deposits id say it’s better app/UI wise than the Coop

Comparing as they’re on the ethical side