Tymit Booster closing

Tymit Booster is closing

" We’re writing to let you know that, sadly, we’ve decided to close our Tymit Booster product.

We have made the decision to focus on providing our other great credit products and therefore Tymit Booster will close on 20th February 2023.

We’d like to thank you for being part of Tymit Booster.

We’re here to support you if you need any help with the closure, simply send us an email or chat to us through your Tymit Booster app.

What does this mean for me

You will be able to continue using your Tymit Booster card until 20th February 2023, after this we will be closing your Booster account and ending your credit agreement with Tymit.

Your deposit minus any outstanding balance will be refunded back to the bank account used to make the deposit. This will be refunded within 10 working days of the closure date.

If you want to continue using your account up until February, you’ll continue to be charged your £9.95 monthly fee for December and January.

There’s no need to take any action as we’ll close your account automatically in February."

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Not received this yet but doesn’t surprise me

It was the worst thing ever. Quite happy to see they have finally realised this. Secured cards should not be paid for products. It’s a double slap in the face. Thanks for sharing this email. I don’t really check their community forum anymore.

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Nothing has been put on the forum they don’t really post anything anymore

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Yeah. They did have a member of staff monitoring it but they don’t post anything or hype anything on there. It’s a dead space.

I think it’s because they are not realising notable stuff worth discoursing about. If they made a post about downloadable statements that community would be active again :joy:

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I have Tymit, and I have never heard of this.

But, not mentioned directly on the landing page, but only in the FAQs…“The Tymit Booster card is completely interest free, and there are no fees for using the card abroad. Tymit also doesn’t charge any fees for adding or withdrawing the cash deposit. The only fee is the £9.95/month membership fee, which you can cancel anytime

So a “free” card that, er, isn’t free.

When their forum was still alive, most of the posts about booster were basic questions about how the deposit worked. I bet the CS time was disproportionate, dealing with people who just didn’t understand the concept at all.

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