Tymit - Can you cancel a payment?

So I tried to renew my car insurance online. Used my tymit card and the payment went through but I got a message on the site saying sorry we’re having problems processing your payment :joy:

I phoned them, they did something and took payment fine from my starling card. The person on the phone said to me the other payment is just ring fenced and you will get it back eventually. You can just speak to your bank and they’ll cancel it if you want it sooner.

I messaged tymit but is that actually true? Surely banks and credit cards don’t just cancel pending payments just because I want that :thinking:

If you explain what happened, I believe they can remove the charge sooner than the 7-10 days it usually takes. It sounds like it’s just a pre-auth, so no money has actually been taken yet. Unless it’s eaten into your credit limit and you need it, I’d probably just leave it and let it drop off naturally.


Yeah I don’t mind waiting I’ve just never been in a situation where I’ve been charged for nothing :joy:

Tymit take at least a week to reply so it’ll probably be back by then anyway 🤷


I hope so because this is pretty much what happened to me last year when Tymit started out, only the payment on the Tymit account didn’t drop off, even though AXA said that they hadn’t collected it.

Sorted in the end but it was just one in a whole string of cock-ups that had me leaving after a couple of months.

It’s interesting you say that because the whole thing felt off to me. I’ve never had this happen before and I thought it was strange.

It has put me off using tymit as it doesn’t seem to work “normally” sometimes.

They’ve had plenty of time to fix whatever the issue was so you should be fine!


It seems you were a bit optimistic there :joy:

I can see on our end that they’ll need to cancel the transaction as it has been confirmed by them. We won’t be able to cancel this on our end I’m afraid.

Please do contact them and let them know they’ll either need to cancel the transaction or issue a refund for the value of the transaction.

I’ll phone the insurance company later then 🤷

That would indicate the transaction has been “settled” (i.e. the apparently failed charge was completed by your insurance company). If so, it should be visible on your statement. And if that has occurred Tymit are correct - the merchant will need to refund you.

However, I seem to recall seeing somewhere that Tymit sometimes “settle” pre-authorisations when they’ve not actually been settled at all by the merchant. If that’s happened, I don’t envy your predicament. Chargeback might be your friend as that’ll prompt a thorough investigation between the issuer and the merchant.


Yes, that was probably me - I had a number of card authorisations for £1 from Amazon, Apple and somewhere else that Tymit incorrectly settled. I eventually received a refund.

:frowning: Hope the insurance company can sort it out for you.


If that’s the case, I’d recommend closing the account.

I’m tempted just to make a complaint with the car insurance company because I presume they will just tell me tymit are wrong.

I should never have been charged in the first place but with tymit I don’t think I’ll ever know who’s at fault here :grimacing:

It’s pretty common for a broken transaction meme to result in a pending charge, it’s happened to me a lot. Never a problem, but sounds like it is with Tymit


I made a complaint…

They’re asking for my card number and the transaction number. I do not have a transaction number and I don’t know what a transaction number is :joy:


I agree. It’s a pre-authorisation that will either drop-off automatically if unclaimed by the merchant, or can be reversed by the bank.

You should ask Tymit to reverse a pending authorisation, and explain you’ve already paid via another card.

This is right - that will teach me to reply before reading the whole thread.

Sounds like they put the supposedly “failed” charge through at presentment, despite you having already paid once with another card. They shouldn’t have done this.

You will have to badger the insurance company.

So I got the transaction number from tymit and a screenshot with more details. The screenshot said under state, planned. Not sure what that means.

I sent this to my insurer and they said they had issued a refund yesterday but to my starling card.