UkMail delivery

Ordered an item online and it’s being delivered by UKmail.

Haven’t received any update since they posted that it’s being prepared for delivery this morning.

I’ve never had a parcel delivered by UKMail, so just wondering how likely it’ll come with so little updates on tracking

They’re part of Deutsch Post so they should be alright

They’re a big company for a reason :^


Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m trying to be helpful, but as is so often usual, your queries will be answered first and foremost by using a search engine:

You can it seems track items through their website. It further seems, they hand the item over to Royal Mail for the final mile delivery. Download Royal Mail’s app to see if you can view the tracking number that UK Mail provide.

As always, with any of your delivery posts. You’ll get an update when there is one, and if you don’t just go to the relevant website to see if it has a tracking system.

How can you expect anyone here to know the answer to that?

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How much tracking info you get depends on how thorough the carrier has been with scanning it in/out every time it moves. It seems they weren’t.

If it says it’s out for delivery, then it’s out for delivery; but I’m sure you know that by now

But as always, best to contact the carrier

Maybe it got delivered to your neighbour again
Maybe it fell off the truck
Maybe it got stolen by the delivery driver
Maybe you put the wrong address in when you ordered
Maybe the driver couldn’t find your property

All of which are out of your control, so just wait and see what happens or better still contact the company.

I hope you take this advice onboard and don’t start flooding this community with the same delivery questions all the time that are just slightly re-worded.

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Could always just link up the last parcel question and say re-read for same answers

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