Unable to make payment

I’m trying to make a payment to Amex but when I hit the button to confirm, I get a screen that says I need to update the app:

When I go to the Play Store, no update is available! I’m on live chat now…

Apparently they are aware of the issue and suggested I keep checking the Play Store. It’s pretty poor that they’ve restricted features until the app is updated, yet not made the update available for everyone!

Not good fortunately able to make payments to my MBNA credit card on iOS just a moment ago.

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And now I have the update. The annoying thing is that the “What’s New” text makes no mention of any substantial updates… some guff about Rome and togas, along with the usual “behind the scenes” stuff. You’d have thought an important update that’s required in order to make payments would have a more informative update description.


I would have though the old update should work till you updated. Or there should have been a push notification saying it’s important to update and have it available.

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Pretty poor that if you can’t get the update as Google Play hasn’t updated for you yet then you can’t make a payment.

I can only imagine it was something critical that needed to be updated?

All updates have been like this for months; it’s gotten annoying now, 22 odd mb filesize so something has changed for sure and still no mention on if Android will even get dark mode.

You think they would have announced to great fanfare that Kite accounts can now be used independently but nope same old Rome guff in the update notes.


If I were a Starling operative looking at this thread, I’d probably wince at who the posters are……:flushed:


I still love the product, and it’s miles ahead of NatWest the other bank I’ve an account with, it’s just a few VERY small set of features and things I’d like to see either changed or sorted.

I find however that there’s no real way of getting feedback to them.

I am tired of the same old boring update notes, something in the last few months MUST have changed, heck I know it has you can login to Kite accounts. Hype the product up as it’s a blooming good one, use the notes to spread the word of new features!

Secondly nobody seems to know if or when features are coming to Android, ie dark mode; why not use update notes to tease upcoming features!?

Also lastly feed items seem more often than not to never have images and asking for them to be updated results in no change, even major things such as the McDonald’s app that’s used nationwide.


It’s a long way from their aspiration back in the day

Remember this?

if you have more ideas or questions, why not throw them our way? It would be great to have you join us over at the Starling Community where we look forward to some inspiring conversations, feedback, and idea sharing.


Those were the days :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The exact same thing happened with Tymit today. Couldn’t access the app until I updated but there was no update.

Never had that happen before on Android actually. Maybe it’s the play store that’s the issue.

I completely understand if they needed to push an important security update. However, preventing people from making payments when no update was available is poor, as is the lack of real info in the app notes.

Nevertheless, I’m still a big fan of the product :innocent:

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What version of the app are you on @Dan?

Well, since getting the update earlier I’m on (Android). Before the update, I was on the latest available (I always keep it up to date).

@Dan is this a bank transfer payment or through Amex app first?
Do you always pay it a certain way?
Can you not use the alternative method for now?
I’m not sure why they would restrict really then not push through the update correctly.

I always pay the same way - bank transfer from the Starling app. It gets credited to my Amex account within minutes.

As I now have the update I’ve been able to make the payment. Just annoying that I was restricted from making payments when the update hadn’t been fully rolled out.