Virgin Money online and app access issue

Anyone else having issues accessing their Virgin Money accounts via app and/or online banking please?

Getting error messages, both on android app, and online banking.

Not a major drama, as I am just checking the interest, however, curious as to whether it is a local issue, or general one, as no mention on other forums I visit, and one (MSE) normally explodes with an access issue :rofl:


I can’t seem to log in to mine at the moment.

I’m fully expecting some kind of press release stating that “a small percentage of our users suffered a temporary lack of access” = transl. “the entire site was down for ages and we didn’t have a clue why”

I had issues with online access from the moment I opened the account. I lasted about 30 minutes unsuccessfully resolving them and then closed it. TrustPilot is full of similar complaints about accessing Virgin Money. A shame because the account itself seems a good product. But life’s too short.

Managed to access my accounts via Yorkshire app in the end

It’s back :man_facepalming:

and they not happy on Twitter :man_facepalming:

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Are Virgin still using 10X? Seems a little coincidental that they are having widespread problems at the same time as Chase, who do use them.

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The article is six years old and Jayne-Anne Gadhia is quoted who was the pre-CYBG merger CEO.

But has @mirodo hit on something which might relate to the respective outages yesterday?

Don’t think it materialised