Virtual Cards on Paypal

Anyone else noticed how PayPal displays pics for virtual cards does this for both Monzo and Revolut virtual cards

On PayPal, the virtual of Revolut, I see it as in Revolut app… I can’t find any difference :thinking:


Yeah does the same for monzo as well wonder how they can tell that they are virtual cards


Interesting. Are these newly added cards or did PayPal update the artwork for existing cards on file?

I ask because all of mine still show generic card artworks.

They have been on there a while and added my new starling card yesterday and was updated with a pic and named changed to starling MasterCard after a few minutes. Noticed Amazon now name some cards with the bank name

I’ve got a mix of cards with / without artwork, but none have been updated at PP for some while, so it would appear they are updating existing cards.

I think these banks have a separate BIN range (or sub range) for the virtual cards - certainly Google Pay has a couple of my virtual cards correctly with the correct artwork for the virtual card.

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