Visa or Mastercard

As one card issuer goes over to Visa another changes to MasterCard. My new debit card just arrived. Looks good don’t you think? The numbers etc. are on the reverse.

I imagine the pimple on the right is for sight impaired folk to orientate the card in the machine correctly, along with the cutout. R-


I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s a bit… empty? Almost as if someone found the fill tool in MS paint and one of the lines had a tiny gap so the whole thing is now black.

Might just be the photo, or me viewing it on a phone screen but there seems to be some bleeding around the letters and the logo making it seem like it was printed on an inkjet.

It must also be a winner in the ‘tiniest cutout’ and ‘fewest braille dots’ categories

Is this the finished design, or are they still consulting on the long term new look? I remember there being some really out there designs


Just my rubbish photography. It is sharp.

Which issuer is moving over to Visa now?

I think that was a reference to Wise?
It could also have been dozens though.

I agree that the design is a bit empty, and I’m also not a fan of the arrow by the chip. I’d question if it really adds any accessibility value when you already have the notch at the other side of the card to help orient it, and it just seems ugly.

It’s also a bit strange that their new logo doesn’t feature anywhere on the card?

That’s who I had in mind. R-

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