Welcome to Fintech Forum

Welcome to Fintech Forum!

With the rapidly growing and changing world of financial services, this place is here to help drive the conversation and help share knowledge in the fintech world.

Whether you’re a business, an individual, new to fintech, or been using it since Monzo was Mondo, everyone is welcome to participate in civilised conversation.

We kindly ask you read our FAQ before posting, and always be civil to other users.


We’ve added some categories to keep things organised. Talk about banking in #banking, credit cards in #credit-cards-lending, and fintech while traveling in #travel.


The number of fintech solutions is growing. A new category for each could easily lead to category overload.

We have a range of tags for different banks, providers and innovators, to help categorise threads.


It’s only a small team of moderators who act in the best interest of the forum and the community. Please be kind! But if you notice anything untoward, please flag it for review.


Most importantly, enjoy the conversation, be part of the community, and invite anyone you think could be interested in joining in too