What investment platforms are you using?

I’m curious to know what investment platforms people are using? Pros and cons?

I’ve been using freetrade recently which is pretty decent . And have used vanguard for general ETFs and HL before. But it would be good to know if there’s any other good options out there that are reasonably priced and don’t screw your over with terms and conditions

I use Moneybox. ISA is up over 17% through the last 12 months. The charges seem reasonable and I like the round-ups feature; once Open Banking continuous payments begin I’ll be extremely happy with the drip feed into my ISA (currently it’s a weekly direct debit). The app has become more difficult to use recently, though, as it has introduced more products.

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I was using IWeb for fund investment but they annoyed me when they froze my account for simply changing my linked bank account to Starling. Their CS said that they only support high street banks and I had to link my Nat West before they would enable my account again.

I’m now with HL.

I use Freetrade for the occasional dabble in shares.

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With T212. Pretty sure they’re on a waiting list right now.

Can’t speak about performance as I self manage everything, but roughly 350-400% return as a range

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Must say I just phoned HL and 2 seconds the phone was picked up and I was through to a human in Bristol… almost worth the fees.

I have a 212 account but was unhappy with the terms and how they held assets. I’ll caveat that by saying that they’re not doing anything strictly wrong, I just wasn’t happy with the non standard terms they set with their customers

I have an ISA with HL. They seem OK, never needed to contact them by phone - but the messaging service always has a swift response!.

Stocks and Shares ISA with Wealthify, around 25% return. Also have a Freetrade account, though I got rid of almost all my shares. Still hold some Lloyds ones.

Stocks and Shares ISA with Nutmeg here. Freetrade for choosing my own stocks. My Freetrade portfolio consistently seems to be performing better than whatever Nutmeg is doing with my money though. That’s not to say Nutmeg’s performance is bad, I’m generally pleased with it and I’m happy to pay their fees for what I get in return.

Longer term though, I prefer the idea of researching trusts and funds and choosing my own to invest into on something like Freetrade, in addition to the shares of companies I like that I buy currently.

I did also give Tickr a try, and whilst I’m all for ESG and sustainable investing, their fees and underwhelming returns drove me away. I wound up leaving with less money than I put in, despite my similarly themed ETFs and stocks on Freetrade performing very well.

My friend swears by Charles Stanley Direct, but that’s more to do with security of assets than anything else. Charles Stanley are old and wealthy. Freetrade are neither.

I don’t trade a lot more than just a place to buy and hold and for that purpose I’ve been pretty happy with HL especially with the wide range of funds they have on offer - but I’ve been looking for an alternative to save some on those fees that HL is known for. Currently evaluating ii and Fidelity but haven’t made up my mind yet.