WhatsApp to stop working on some phones

I apologise if this has appeared elsewhere, I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything linking to this story.

Not that it personally affects me, but it seems as from November 1st, something like 53 phones will no longer support WhatsApp.

WhatsApp to stop working on millions of smartphones (uswitch.com)

Surely, people will start switching to other platforms? I have to admit, WhatsApp is my primary form of messaging.


Thanks for this article. Looks like a number of said 50 phones will work if/when upgraded OS-wise.

It’d be interesting to know which phones will genuinely not work because updating isn’t an option. :thinking:

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I use Signal nowadays, though I’ve had to keep WhatsApp installed for work purposes.

Looking at the list, I would be surprised if there are that many of those phones still about.
(A lot are quite old now)
Still a bit of a bummer though for those who like their trusty old phone or for those who can’t afford an upgrade.


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