Where next? 👀

Hello :blush:

As @Graham rightfully mentioned in another thread, the forum did celebrate its first birthday recently. A massive thank you to those who have been part of that journey and helped support this community and drive the conversation!

May I also take this opportunity to thank @Graham @Dan and @Gallifreyangirl for all their support with moderation on the site :clap:

I’m curious to know what you, as members, would like to see from the site. Do you see it as just a place to share conversation and discuss all things fintech? Or do you find that there’s an element missing?

The other side to this is, of course, growth. More people leads to more conversation (although I’m conscious of the whole quantity v quality argument). But how do you see this site growing? Where would you like it to be in terms of size? And do you have any suggestions on how to push it forward?

I’d like to think I’m a pretty flexible, and genuinely believe that this is your site as much as it is mine. So I’m all ears!

Apologies - I’ve just been informed that you’re not able to reply to this thread. Not intentional, especially when I said “I’m all ears” above :man_facepalming: Hopefully working as it should be now :slight_smile:


For my two pen’orth I would suggest that there will be an organic [?] expansion in topic and membership over time. You are in the early days of formation and there seems to be a lot a favourable comment about the forum.

I would let it grow under its own steam and the watchful eye of your excellent Moderator team.



I feel like there’s probably an element of accountability that a forum can bring to financial firms if the forum is large enough, although I think you need to be MSE level to get it

Pushing it forward is probably the place of advertisements (excess money if any could be put towards this?)

Ideal size is probably quite a bit larger and maybe cross-continent in membership? Being UK only means we miss out on ideas from other countries fintech successes being able to be posed by us to companies here

I would hate this - and turn off. R-


I meant advertising the forum, not advertising on the forum


Gotcha. R-

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I think this forum is doing perfectly well as-is, and appreciate it being set up. It’s growing organically. It’s a friendly place to be: both to contribute and to lurk. And it’s much more balanced than the other place, probably because we don’t have the same handful of individuals chipping in on every thread telling folk “they’re doing it wrong” :zipper_mouth_face:

There are a few threads elsewhere which I like to read, that’s not to say this forum should copy what’s already out there - the interweb is a vast and diverse place.

And I’m unconvinced I want to see a huge international audience. I prefer to know what’s happening and available in my locale so I can try things out. But those knowledgeable in fintech products from other countries should definitely let on. Just keep it in English - as a case in point the Curve community can be quite frustrating to follow. Foreign tongues can also make effective moderation more difficult.

I’m definitely enjoying this place.


I think that effective moderation in foreign tongue can be made to be much less difficult- especially if moderators are multi-lingual hence well-versed in same which i feel could make the curve community much more comprehensible and easier to follow.

Do however keep enjoying the forum for sure :+1: