Who is your main bank (August 2022)

I’m surprised that there are seemingly folks here that claim they never use a debit card. I’d wager that the vast majority of the common woman/man in the street uses a debit card linked to a current account for their day to day spending. Fintech enthusiasts such as found here I suspect, are the exception. Personally, I use a debit card for spending from a current account for almost all daily purchases. The credit card only comes out for purchases of over £100 and for paying for items over longer periods, interest free on the credit card.

I’d further wager, that out of the fintech scene, many people will never have even heard of the likes of Curve, Revolut etc. When I talk to family/friends about fintech matters, many are completely in the dark. I took my Chase card out at work the other day to pay for items and my colleages remarked about the Chase card because they’d either not heard of Chase Bank (yes difficult to acknowledge for some here I guess!) or they thought it was some form of credit or pre-paid card.

We should remember, that the methods that some folks here use for spending, will be either out of reach or just not practical from a budgeting perspective for lots of people doing their best to get by in everyday life.


Unfortunately, my error. But hey, it’s just a bit of fun! :sweat_smile:

From memory, if I try and add them to the list now it removes all existing votes, so would rather let this poll run its course and see what we can do next time around.


I work with for an alternative finance provider (product development) - Monzo started to become relatively common about a year ago in terms of account usage. Revolut moreso the last 6 months.

The main high street accounts are still prevalent.

Especially as they stopped providing current accounts in November 2021 :slight_smile:

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