Who is your main bank (August 2022)

It was May 2021 we last run a similar poll. Would be interesting to see if anything has changed.

Who do you use for your main bank account?

Take this as:

  • Where your wages are paid into
  • The one you use for your daily spending
  • Where your pension is paid into
  • And/or the one where all the money goes before you split it out
  • :hsbc: HSBC
  • :barclays: Barclays
  • :lloyds: Lloyds
  • :natwest: NatWest
  • :santander: Santander
  • :monzo: Monzo
  • :revolut: Revolut
  • :starling: Starling
  • :monese: Monese
  • :bos: Bank of Scotland
  • :rbs: Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
  • :tsb: TSB
  • :firstdirect: First Direct
  • :tesco: Tesco
  • :metro: Metro
  • :coop: Co-op
  • :question: Other

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Mostly Amex (not on the list) and Tesco credit cards


Lloyds & Halifax (also not on list).


Lloyds are the third option. Maybe should be listed as Lloyds Banking Group @Mathew …?

But then Bank of Scotland shouldn’t be listed separately.

List probably needs Virgin Money too.

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Chase (not on list)


Sorry could you clarify this one?

I think it’s interesting to keep the subsidiaries separate. Can always be combined from the results.

I suggest it would be best for everyone to decide themselves what they consider their main account. Everyone will have their own ideas on most important factor/s.


I think this is going to be the best action. That list (of things to consider) was taken from last year’s post, with the added “and/or” on the last point.

It’s just a bit of fun, so take it as you want! :blush:

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I see - well I have other accounts I use for bits & pieces but suppose they don’t fall under “main”

Please note - I quoted that poorly - my question was regarding the last bullet point.

Wages + pension, both paid into Starling sole account.

Personal spending - all from Chase account, topped up via Starling.

All household expenses, direct debits, food, utilities, mortgage etc - Nationwide Joint account. Me and 'er indoors funnel a set amount each into it. We’re both paid monthly, so easy to budget.

I have a FD current account, but it’s completely pointless, opened solely for the free £150 and not used.

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Voted Other as I don’t have a single main account and 2 of the banks I do much of my day-to-day with are not listed.

Who is this?

How many people do their spending from a current account at all? I can’t remember the last time I used a debit card. Particularly now we have open banking payments.

I do - I only really use credit cards for over £100 or where I don’t trust the online payment platform not to preauthorise without giving me the goods/service

I almost never do either. Even instances where only debit cards are accepted I tend to use Curve in conjunction with my Barclaycard.

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In over 40 years of having current accounts I’ve never used one for day-to-day spending, preferring a credit card instead.


I was using Revolut with Aqua. Miraculously aqua finally sent me a contactless card just as Revolut abandoned credit card topups.

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Monese and Tesco listed, but Halifax isn’t?

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I use credit card for day to day but only because of meaningful spending rewards. If credit cards didn’t have spending rewards (or if I considered them negligible) I’d use a debit card for all spending where s75 wasn’t a benefit.

Curious that Tesco is on there but Nationwide isn’t…