Wise Referral Thread

Wise is currently doing a referral offer for the card (free card), so I’m hoping we can get a referral train running. £75, only requirement is for the person being referred to sign up and make £100 worth of payments with their Wise card.

Some exclusions on category:

  • Cash
  • Gambling
  • Payments to financial institutions or related to commodities, investments, savings or cryptoassets
  • Payments to governmental bodies or tax authorities

Available to UK, EEA (depending on availability of Wise’s card) and some other countries.

Is this new offer invite only? I still see the one of inviting 3 people to earn a £50 after they have each spent £200+ on their account in transfers in a different currency.

I can’t imagine it should be, otherwise how would the MLM aspect of it work? But maybe it is

I guess it is.
See the difference here.
When I click my link, this is what I see.

And when I click your link;

I remember I also got Wise business cash back before it was rolled out to everyone.

Why is there no mention of the referral/cashback offer when clicking the link?

Edit, sorry I misread. The £75 is for the referrer, nothing for the new customer.

The new customer does not pay for the card (they are no longer free, except for renewals)

Is there an option for an account without a physical debit card but a virtual card instead?

You could just delete the card later

Or not apply for the physical card in the first place. I think you have to specifically apply for it after opening the account.

I asked them about this on X and they said , NO. That I need the physical card first