Woeful Experience with Vodafone

Anyone else had a bad experience with Vodafone?

I took out a rolling month deal whereby I need to increase the data. I’ve been between 5 chats - told I can’t upgrade it for 3 months. Then told to call - then told to chat. Then a complaint, called the wrong number (see below). Called back, transferred & then about to resolve it and when the 8pm closure hit I was cut off mid call! Called back, transferred and left on hold for an hour seemingly as the department are shut.

They don’t have a clue - I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using mobile broadband. Treated like an after thought, with texts consistently sent to a router that has no display for ‘security’.

I cba to change provider all over again and can’t get a landline installed due to local work going on - incredibly irritating!

Vodafone has great network quality but poor service and poor choices of who they employ

Yeah the network quality is excellent - but turns out they can’t modify my data allowance. I was told I could by a chat agent so have provided evidence, asked for compensation & handed in my notice. Thank god I took a 30 day deal.

I’d say even Three’s customer service was better than that - albeit with awful coverage/signal

Their social media team are quite good, if you have an issue then try The Twitter or The Facebook, they do their best, unlike the call centre.

This is true for a lot of companies now, you get better support when posting publicly.

From my own perspective, I have nothing to complain about Vodafone. I was formally with Three but Three’s coverage where I now live in the South West is dire and so it was a choice then between Vodafone and o2. I ended up on a £6 a month contract with Vodafone with 3gb of included data each month which is more than adequate for my needs. My contract with Vodafone has just renewed with absolutely no interaction between they or myself

I have to admit, I rarely find myself in a position where I’m interacting with any company supplying me with a service, but when I do, I am the most awkward miserable sarcastic git they’ll ever get involved with, effectively, I’ll make their lives hell until I get a resolution. It worked with my energy supplier for my new house last summer!

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I think for a mobile it might be alright - but mobile broadband support is blended in (whereas home broadband is seperate) and it results in disjointed, uninformed customer services.

I’m shocked - I’d never have thought this :laughing: :wink:

Pink and fluffy I am not! Wrong generation for that!

Was offered a generous £10 in return for my hours of wasted energy…

Their CS has never been the best but I just endure it as a I rarely have to call them. I find all the phone customer services as useless as the rest; just some are politer than others.


I am with Vodafone and good signal. Fortunately not had to contact customer service too often.

Would never use them again. The worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with.

These days there’s not much difference between the networks when it comes to coverage anyway.

Right so - get this folks.

Disconnected on Feb 17th. Bill generated Feb 16th. £30 for a month. 1 day usage £2.

No access to app so chatted r.e final bill. It’s £30 for the Feb bill - then I get £28 credit on my final bill in March. Why not just take the £2, ridiculous!

When you chat to them, they also can’t differentiate between a direct debit being called for & it being taken. They say it’s been taken on the 23rd, no sign off this in the relevant account. The bill says the 26th so won’t actually go out until Monday. I imagine it shows the payment on their system as being processed in advance - but they’re not educated on the BACS cycle whatsoever.

How utterly nonsensical their entire offering is.

As the bill has been generated, cancel the Direct Debit mandate and pay them the correct amount by card/Faster Payment or even cash in one their stores. You’ll get a final bill for zero.

Or just let them do their stuff and you’ll get a BACS credit or cheque in about a month…

Yes, they ain’t great but I rarely have any reason to call them. Regularly get Costa, Tesco and now Just East vouchers via their app. I’ve also got EEA roaming locked in for another year too.

Unfortunately as I didn’t have access to my account due to disconnecting - I only found out on a whim by messaging them. The Direct Debit has already been called for - lucky I checked as it’s actually due before I get paid…

Given I lost access to my account they really should have sent me the bill manually

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