1% Cashback on Business Purchases

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That’ll get me using wise a bit again then!

Had a fling with them several years back, but ultimately went back to doing it all through Barclays.

I tried using my Wise business card on eBay but it gets rejected that bank not supported, same thing happens when I use the wise business account details for payments at eBay. Anyone else had that issue?

It’s very convenient to receive cashback. Does it work well for everyone?

It works well except for eBay

Wise is compatible with eBay and you can pay using your Wise account. The reasons behind payment failure could be several.

  1. If you have paid using your business accounts and the billing address doesn’t match your business registered address then it could be rejected.
  2. Your daily purchase limit has acceded ( also the limit might be different with your particular account, if not then you can manually change/increase it)
  3. Transaction also might be declined due to security reasons ( in this case you would receive a message or email)
  4. Technical issues which occurred at the time you tried to make a payment ( in this case try again later in the day or week, also report the issue as it will help them to fix this problem for you and others)

Payments to my personal eBay personal account still fail except if used with Curve.,
Also Wise business account is not allowed for eBay pay outs for sellers even on eBay business seller account because it is not on their list of banks. On eBay forum it looks like other UK online banks with business accounts still can not be used for pay outs.

I use Revolut for this purpose with no problems. Wanted to keep it away from actual banks because there were reports around the time that people had their accounts closed for what was deemed to be ‘business use’.

It looks like all my transactions through Curve on the Wise business card did not earn any cashback.
Has anyone else noticed this?

What do Curve say?

I haven’t been in touch yet but I guess it may be a “Wise” issue to sort.
May be they started excluding third party processors like Curve, expecting me to use their card directly.

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Can’t blame them if they did, plus anything that further damages Curve is a net benefit for fintech

What exactly does this mean?

Curve sucks

I see a lot of improvement these days. I get replies to messages same day sometimes in under an hour, they also manage to sort problems on first contact.

Okay but it doesn’t make a USP appear out of nowhere? Cards should just adopt Apple Pay… boom, Curve useless

I already hit the 16 max limit for Apple pay. Sometimes I need to use a card just a few times but can’t add it, so Curve chips in.
When the Nationwide cashback came I had to move a card from Apple wallet to fix in Nationwide. The card I removed continued working with Curve for the time being.

It also helps in situations where debit cards are accepted but credit cards are not.

Never met a place where this is a thing, but I’m happy to accept some examples where it’s not arbitrarily decided by a merchant and poorly enforced if you use Apple Pay

I one time went to pay a water bill at Post office and it could not take payments from credit cards, transaction kept being rejected till they checked and it was a credit card I was using. I was told I can only use a debit card. I just switched to that card in Curve and payment went through.

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