Advertisements in our banking apps

A thread to discuss the prevalence of advertising within our banking apps. From lending promotions and rewards to scam warnings and introducing new features.

What constitutes an advert for you?

How do you feel about it?

Which banking apps do it well and which ones take it too far?

Whilst that’s clearly a disappointment for some, I genuinely couldn’t care less. I’ve held accounts with Nationwide for over 15 years and I can’t say I’ll miss their previous branding. Times change, everything moves on, people sadly sometimes can’t or they make such a fuss over literally nothing, they forget about genuine real world issues.

I guess this is why forums now essentially exist, so that folks can moan in public about how crap they think their bank is but bizarrely continue their relationship with said bank instead of doing what I said earlier :laughing: I’ve just this week dumped a provider because when I opened the App, a full screen advert appeared for something I as a customer don’t want to see, ever, period. I can’t ever change what that particular providers current stance is either by complaining directly to them or by whingeing on a forum about it, so I cut them loose. It was one of the shortest money institution relationships I’ve ever had. For me, it was affirmative action.

As for Nationwide not being a ‘bank’, I am absolutely aware they are not technically a bank but in my head, they still are a ‘bank’. To me they look like and feel like a bank because in my everyday world they act no differently to any other bank account I hold.

All that aside, I like their refreshed look. I accept it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I just personally can’t upset over particular colours or spacing or what the house with the rising sun looks like :roll_eyes:


I know you qualified this with something inferring it to be personal, but affirmative action is not what this is.

Perhaps try to empathise a little. For many people the fact Nationwide isn’t a bank is what drew them to it in the first place. Perhaps ethical concerns etc. (I am not that guy, btw, but I totally get where people like that are coming from particularly WRT savings/investments.) Forget about the crappy logo and NatWest-clone colours, can you understand why those people might legitimately be upset to see the branding changed to downplay the element of the organisation which attracted them in the first place?


Who was it?

So what? It can be useful for prospective new sign ups. If folks were being louder about exactly how shit Co-Op were I’d never have signed up. Instead forums are full shills touting their credentials and downplaying the woes in the hope of getting a referral out of you. Those with experiences like mine didn’t crop up to share those until after I’d signed up and experienced it myself.

I think people should moan more, and louder, when they have a really bad experience. But that goes both ways. Praise when it’s due and deserved too.


With the greatest of respect to you personally, if I’d wanted to have named the provider, I would have. The organisation concerned force fed me an advert via App which I did not want, need or agree with. It could be that somehow I’ve auto agreed to being hit with adverts. It matters not, I took action and I cancelled them. I’d do the same with any provider under the same circumstances. Enough said from me on the subject :+1:

Well we’re all different ain’t we? When I get fed up with an organisation, where possible, I dump the buggers and move on. Same with people, once they annoy me enough, I will no longer interact with them. I haven’t muted you yet by the way :laughing:

For the most part (except for a spat with British Gas a couple of years back which to their credit, they resolved) I genuinely can’t be bothered phoning organisations like banks or worse still walking into one of their truly awful branches and whining about why they have such an awful logo or why their app is garbage. I’ve got better things to be doing. But each to their own, whinge away if it makes your day I say.

Pity, because it might have taken the thread down a whole new path. :blush:


I only ask because I hate this stuff too, and naming them could save me the right old headache of signing up with that same app in the future. But if you won’t share, I’ll never know who I’m supposed to avoid.

That’s incredibly frustrating as a fellow participant on this community. If you’re not going to say who, why say anything at all? You’re doing the same thing you’re berating others on other forums for, only without the part that’s actually helpful.


But my opinion would ultimately be worthless. Why would you choose to avoid an organisation just because some random like me on a forum says they’re crap because of X,Y or Z? This the reason why I wouldn’t ever trust a TP review because quite frankly, some reviews are utterly absurd.

At the end of the day the decision I made was personal to me. I stand by my decision not to name them because that’s my choice.

Because this experience

Is an objective experience. Either the app does that, or it doesn’t. Or it A/B tests. It’s not an opinion.

The subjective part is how we feel about that practice. You don’t like it. I don’t like it. You closed your account over it, I would be very disgruntled over it too. That’s not an experience I want to experience, and if you have knowledge that would help me to avoid it, I’d very much like to hear it.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m not enquiring or judging your thoughts and opinions. I don’t care about that and have no interest in discussing or debating your opinion.

I just want to know who is plastering full screen adverts on an app launch so that if I’m not already signed up for that app, I at least know to avoid. But if you’re steadfast in your refusal to name them then that isn’t helpful, and this isn’t going anywhere.

I’d very much appreciate it if you change your mind and show me that courtesy, I don’t feel like I’m asking much of you, but if not, I’m out.

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I respect your view but I standfast, so we’re both out on this one :+1:

What were they advertising?

PS: this thread probably needs a clean up…


Sounds like LBG apps. I usually get those prompts to check if I am eligible for a credit card, check out new card features (at app launch), more in the “blue” than the “green” app

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@gt94sss2 suggested it might be them too. Thank you both! I ditched my Lloyds account for a switch bribe last December. Won’t be returning to them in hurry.

Go to Santander.

I think we need to define terms a little. Advertisement is a very broad category, and includes advertising paid for (or effectively paid for) by third parties, as well businesses signposting existing customers to products or services they might be interested in.

I think signposting to in-app features, which is what LBG do, is completely reasonable. I would not be happy to see a straight forward advert for a third party, but it’s totally fine if they want to remind me I can see my PIN in the app, or check my eligibility for a credit card. To be honest, I’d verge on saying that isn’t even advertising, it’s just signposting functionality.

Let’s take a look at what @Topsy2 wrote again

Unfortunately it’s a very clumsy/cryptic contribution, and their unwillingness to clarify doesn’t help. But if this was an LBG app, then this is the kind of “full screen advert” which annoyed @Topsy2 so much:

Sorry for the crap quality, can’t screenshot on Android so took a picture on my MBA’s webcam.


Maybe I should make that in-app advertising thread, so @Graham has somewhere to move all these posts to later? :thinking:

I have a real gripe with obtrusive advertising, whether it’s first party (upselling) or third party (especially third party). Adverts get on my nerves like nothing else. To me, they exist for the sole purpose of wasting my time, and delaying me from achieving my purpose.

If I got a third party advert that filled my screen in my banking app I would nope right out of that relationship too and CASS immediately.

I’m a bit more lenient with first party advertising, so long as it’s not obtrusive. A full screen ad trying to sell me a credit card would definitely be in that category for me. I’d definitely complain about it, but a single instance on its own wouldn’t push me towards closing my account. It would have to cascade with other problems, or occur repeatedly.

Signposting features I’m less bothered by personally, but they ought to be handled respectfully. I don’t think they warrant a full screen pop up on app login. A dismissible banner is usually sufficient. The only time something more obtrusive is really necessary IMO is during an onboarding process. Whether that’s triggering a feature for the first time or signing up, but that should only ever be a one time thing.

I’m not overly keen on filling empty space with them either. It’s practical, sure, but empty space serves an important function too. Clutter it too much and everything becomes a bit of information overload.

I think a lot of this is why I get along with the Chase app so well. It’s just a very clean interface, and free from these sort of things. They use context aware temporary banners either above your list of accounts, or at the top of your activity when there are things they need to communicate with customers. The Nutmeg upselling is presented very elegantly in the relevant part of the app, and isn’t the least obtrusive. It’s just pleasant, at least for me.


I couldn’t agree more.

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Yes please, then we can tidy things up. :blush:


It is done!

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Elegantly done ! :relieved:
We’ll mop it up tomorrow……

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