Aggregator apps

Does anyone know of an aggregator app like Emma, which is free?

(I’ve just revisited Emma and, though it has a free option, it’s limited to two accounts)

I recently left because of this. Now waiting for the next free one.

Emma’s the only one I’ve used but I think it’s pretty good value at £21.99 for the year (Emma Pro).

Thing is, I don’t need any budgeting support or any other adornments. Being able to see my current accounts in one place doesn’t warrant a subscription. I do know, though, that Emma has been good value for many moons.

Nope - it’s free I want. :blush:

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I think I mentioned this somewhere recently, but when I was refining the list of apps for the upcoming iOS beta wiki this year, removing apps that no longer exist, the one category of apps with the most casualties in the last year have been aggregators.

We had them coupled as part of money management apps, but I think the ones we have left are:

  • Emma
  • Moneydashboard
  • Moneyhub
  • Snoop

I don’t know the models any of these take. I’ve never been that into these apps, only recently giving Emma a go to play with the Chase integration. But some for you to look at here.

You could probably bundle Monzo into this category too, but in the U.K. those features are largely locked behind Monzo Plus. In the US they have recently made them available to all for free, and Monzo are seemingly looking to overhaul their paid for products (from a recent market research survey), which could suggest their strategy on that might be changing, and the open banking hub stuff could wind up becoming free.

If I recall way back to when Monzo Plus first launched, much of the criticism levied at them was because all of what they offered on that side of things were available for free from Moneydashboard. Don’t know if that’s still the case, but might be worth a look.

Failing that, just pick your favourite bank that fully supports open banking for aggregating your all your bank accounts into their app so they’re all in one place, like you want. RBS (and NatWest) do this well. Revolut will do it for free too (I think), and I’m sure other banks.

Some of the Apps we’ve lost in the last year (not sure which, if any, are aggregators; they’re just bundled with the money management apps) are:

  • Cleo
  • Oval Money
  • Yolt
  • Glint (may have just pivoted)

I think the problem with aggregators is where there’s money to be made, and where’s the audience. I think if this is what you do, it’s a service you really do need to charge for. It’s either that or you find a way to monetise the private data of your customers and turn those into your product to sell to other business which is not something I’m a fan of.


Nova - free! R-


Really helpful, thankyou. :relieved:


I guess I’d probably just recommend using a banking app, albeit you’ll probably not have the best aggregation selection since they have vested interests in not letting you know about every single financial firm you can change over to.

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Yes indeed. Problem is Chase are still largely absent from banks’ lists.

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Site repeatedly swaps its language to Greek….:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

At the moment, Chase really limits you to Emma or Moneyhub.

Haven’t seen anyone mention the others supporting them just yet. Chase are still very new with their API. I’m sure given a bit of time otherwise will start supporting them, including banks.

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Yes, I reckon so.

Actually now you’ve reminded me of Moneyhub, I’ve revisited it and, contrary to previous assertions, I reckon 30-bob a month for that is indeed worth it.

Thank you sir - job done :relieved:


Haven’t tried them myself but Lumio and YouGov Finance might be worth a look.

Thanks. Not heard of either. I’ll go explore….:blush:

This isn’t normal pricing. If you’re paying that price it will be because you started subscribing via a promo offer that was available a few years ago. The normal annual price is £42/year for Plus and £84/year for Pro.

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I have too many accounts for an aggregator.

When I looked at them previously (Yolt, Emma) there were still gaps in my portfolio of accounts which made the aggregator as good as useless tbh.

Yep, I’m aware of that. For the first couple of years I was paying £14.99 but then (foolishly, in hindsight) unsubscribed. Fortunately, there was a new promo when I resubscribed.

They’ve now moved the 14.99 subscribers up to 21.99 anyway.

For a moment there I was worried folks here didn’t know about my little App Store trick to always stay on promo pricing.

Looks like Emma are wise to it though, and plug the loophole.

I’m not paying for it by the way, they gave me a 7 day trial for downloading it to play with the chase integration.

Here’s what it looks like when developers don’t stop the loophole though:

I recently started using Money Means

Same as few others left Emma because of limited free access. Money Means has all my acccounts inclding Chase and works well for me. I think it’s backed by Monyhub. App is availble at Andriod despite what it says on their website.

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