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If you do venture into the world of data sharing with YouGov Finance (no actual connection to the government) be careful how you add accounts for the points and rewards.

You get 500 points for each active current account and credit card, but only 100 for a savings account, and you can only add 10.

So to get to the 5,000 points mark, for a £50 gift card, I was adding 10 of my current accounts and credit cards, but messed up in the adding process by not deselecting my Santander eSaver, during Santander authority, so will now fall short of the 5,000 for the moment. Cannot add another account for another 92 days :man_facepalming:

My own fault.

Seems like easy money. Read up on it by scanning through MSE Forum thread too.

Thankyou. I’ve logged onto the YouGov finance app but still awaiting a confirmation code. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I did it all on web browser.

Which app did you download? “YouGov” :thinking:

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Yes. Code’s through now. Just trying to find where I add my accounts….

I cannot see where you can, in that app :person_shrugging:

The YouGov login does not even show my 4,600 points from the finance arm yet.

Edit: Tap here to add accounts


It says in 48 hours for points to appear. R-

Seems to be baulking a bit with FD, will not open the app. Also only picked up the Starling main account, neither of the two savings ones. R-

Edit: Just realised Starling Saving Space accounts do not attract interest. They are just areas to put money aside. Only Fixed Saver account has interest, That’s about to change!

It does. Just a piddly amount though.

0.05% :scream:


Oh, I wonder why YG Finance didn’t pick it up then? R-


Do other aggregators show Starling Saving Spaces?

No separate account number.

Space is part of the same Starling account, I guess.

This is not mobile friendly (on my end) and it more into them looking at your spending and they use your data for whatever and even bribe you with points.

Your accounts go here

Nova lumps Starling into one but shows Monzo separately, as does YGF. R-

As they have FSCS I am happy to be bribed. R-

This is no different to any free aggregator app/service which doesn’t have paid tiers (perhaps with the exception of those provided by banks). If the users aren’t paying for it, they will be using the user data to earn money.

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Update: the problem loading FD into YGF was a bank issue not Truelayer or the destination. R-

From things said on other forums I know that Starling uses a non-standard API (relative to guidelines provided to the big banks) and this has led to delays in aggregators supporting it in the past. Perhaps Starling doesn’t provide access to Savings Spaces through its API, or perhaps these aggregators just need more time to add full support :man_shrugging:

With Emma, Starling spaces (and Monzo pots) show as savings accounts. The transactions themselves don’t appear to be available via the APIs - just the balances.

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All points showing now. I was even given the opportunity to add that tenth current account, 24 hours after deleting the savings account.

£50 up for grabs soon now :smile: