Signed up for a new fintech account yesterday with Algbra and really like what’s on offer. The general gist seems to be a Revolut-esque Triodos, and I like that.

You can join a waitlist on the website, or just download the app and sign up get going without waiting.

The onboarding was among the best I’ve experience, I love the card colours, and the fact the physical card is biodegradable, same material as the Triodos card, not recycled plastic. There’s a choice of 3 colours and all look great in the renders. You get similar customisations options as Chase for how your name appears on the card.

I also love that as standard, they give you a choice between virtual or physical. You can have one or the other, or both. The physical card is not required and the virtual only is promoted as the most environmentally friendly option. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to see from banks for quite some time now. Apple Pay is coming soon.

Now we just need an Algbra tag! @Mathew :blush:


Signing up :relaxed:

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Just remember - ordering debit cards you have no real intention of using isn’t green nor ethical, no matter how biodegradable the card itself is.



Just signed up despite joining the waiting list from a ad a few days ago. Really enjoyed the sign up process it was very revolut-Esque with a fresh vision.

Gone for a virtual card as I’m going to use it for recurring card payments for a bit and little spending to try it out.

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It’s a cute colour palette app. I was looking forward to Kroo launching their account but this has made my day

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Having just changed banks etc I think this one will be in the ‘One to watch’ Pile.

(I’m aware they are not a bank but an e-money institution, but still)


Not a bank. I’m not sure if they plan to be one though

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Unless of course, you’re a collector like me, so will never end up being disposed of anyway! I keep all my cards.

In any case, between the issues with Monzo and Chase, RBS are currently my spending my account so these have popped up at the opportune moment for me to have a play with so I’ll be using it quite a bit.

If I wasn’t interested in card design I’d have just gone with the virtual card, and I like that that’s the one they encourage.


I’m not sure they do

It’s not on the in app roadmap, but then neither is Apple Pay but that’s coming.

They also have their own sort code (04-00-85), which is always a positive indicator in the direction they intend to go. E money institutions that never intended to go beyond that concept would provide you with another bank’s sort code and account number and give you a reference so it gets routed to your account properly.

They’ll be a mainstay for me if they become a bank. No doubt about that.


Can I order for the physical card later if I choose to first go digital only?

I have also seen they have 1% cashback on everyday spend with expiry of 1st October :joy::joy::joy:. I don’t know if that is 2023 or 2022

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That’s new! Wasn’t there yesterday! So guessing next year! Awesome.

Consider it done :wink:

Will need to get a logo added though


Any exclusions to that?

No details given on where you can/can’t earn cash back


New update. Cashback confirmed

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What about their fees?

No fees right now but be aware because Apple Pay isn’t ready yet. You will need to order a physical card to spend in person unless you have Curve

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