Oh yeah,

Thats a really good spot. I hope they don’t use the sig strip. Thats not needed

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Isn’t this a conflicting statement? The CEO got sidelined to a presidential role and the company pulled out of the US market. Pair that with a warning that it was very possible it would have to stop trading.

Just because it’s off life support, it doesn’t mean it’s a success. 5+m customers and a failure to monetise them properly actually sounds exceedingly pathetic, rather than a success. A pyrrhic victory, even.

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When did Monzo pull out of the US?

One of my friends there still uses it.

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Apologies, they withdrew from their US banking licence application

Very different things, but I would argue both are illustrative of “actually, they’re still not far from life support rather than a thriving company”

Your overthinking it. I’m enjoying Algbra like I enjoyed Mondo when it launched and will be with it until hopefully it merged into a current account like my monzo account did.

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No. Being like early–Mondo doesn’t mean it’ll naturally follow the same evolution.


Completely agree. Glad you shared the same gist as me :slight_smile:


Couldn’t resist signing up, but unlike those above, I opted for the blue card. A little bit lighter than I thought it would be, but it’s nice!

Apologies for the camera quality, but here’s the front

And here’s the back…


New Algbra app update today.

Algbra now has a referral scheme. Friend has to sign up and make a card payment, and you both get £10.

There’s now T&Cs for the cashback (previously it was very vague on any limits or restrictions.


I think although it’s more clear it was always going to be using the Mastercard transaction code to match for eligible transactions like chase anyway.

I think they must have really good investment to be running cashback and rewards with such a small customer base and little marketing.


Makes it more tempting to give it a try - especially given I’m on calendar day 4 of opening a Triodos account :roll_eyes:

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Anyone got a link? I’m feeling like a low hanging fruit right here :grapes:

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Just download the app and join straight away.

Join me on Algbra!

On andriod look for Algbra banking or - it is stilla beta app with no link from Algbra web site.

Not an apple user but - ‎Algbra - Ethical Finance on the App Store which has already been posted

Found one or two minor issue with the app but is better than some others I have used

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I have received my Black card in the post but I am wondering why they go ahead to print a second card with the activation code and QR code.
If they really care about offsetting carbon footprints they would not have to send out more plastic. That code could be printed on the included white paper that has a lot of space they could make use of.

I ordered the pink card and my code was on the letter itself.

They must be trialling different packaging types and different card designs to see what fits their brand and image better :slight_smile:

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Email just received


Cashback for paying your energy bills manually up to £1k is rewarding