AMC - Becoming an Ape

Gonna dump 5k into AMC and see how it goes

Will update if it works out well

I have a small investment in them too.

As I’m only “playing” with trading atm, I’m only risking a small amount of money and have simple, quite low ambitions.
My goal is to double my initial investment in 12 months.
Even with the amount I’m playing with, it’s still going to be a much better return than it sitting in a bank.

The AMC squeeze should hit several hundred dollars a share, if it does squeeze; it’s not even a matter of if it does squeeze tbh, it’s when it squeezes.

I’m probably going to CFD trade it to leverage play it, either going to lose a good portion of my cash or net a hundred thousand or two but I think that’s pretty good risk/reward

Even if it hits those dizzy heights, I’m not going to make quite that much, but I do wish you the very best of luck :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Update: been diamond handing, started off rolling through a 800-1.5k losses

Now I’m at -200. Shouldn’t have bought at market open, would have been in profit now

But oh well, still holding. Using leverage on my account so I have effective 1000 shares of AMC. If it hits $50 I think I’d need to fill out a self assessment this year

Edit: now in profit, floating between £150-300

Edit: went to £1500 profit and then dipped. Now floating between red and green marginally on either side (100-300)

End of Day update: closed £513 in profit. A return of 10.68% on my investment within 13 hours :slight_smile:

For clarity - if you’ve now had a return of 10.68% on your investment made 13 hours ago, which equates to a reported profit of £513 - did you invest £4,290.37 and was it a single crypto stock tokenized (AMC) that delivered that profit or a diverse portfolio?

If AMC had a 24 hour low/high of USD26.10/33.51 - this equates to GBP18.45/23.69, so if you have an effective 1000 shares, this would be £18,450 (invested at the lowest @ £18.45 per AMC) and would be currently £23,690 per AMC at the highest - making an example gain of £5,240

Am I missing something?

Edited to strikethrough the original ‘crypto’ word and replace it with 'stock’

Edited again to strikethrough the ‘stock’ word and add 'tokenized’

You’re way too good at math for me, I leveraged funds to a degree (i think T212 varies between 3-30x depending on the stock or commodity) and AMC is a stock, not a crypto

All I know is I’m at £513 profit currently and I can see it going a lot higher tomorrow at NYSE (or NASDAQ, honestly I didn’t check which one) open

To get the return I took the number I believe I roughly invested, but I’ll see if I can find an actual £ amount

Edit: I can’t, I found an execution price of 31.24$ and 1000 shares total (w/ leverage)

It’s now at market close, 31,95$ a share

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Ah, I see, you haven’t yet cashed out so the profit is both real and theoretical at this point in time.

Good luck for tomorrow - hopefully it’ll rise and bring bigger returns for you when you cash out :crossed_fingers:


Yep, it’s quite real as I can cash out but obviously theoretical as I can still make a loss yet

Yep, hoping for it !! If they could push it up to GME’s $350 height it would be great. I’d take home a cool 185k or so after tax :slight_smile:

Some people are thinking it will hit 500k a share but, I doubt it; at that level everyone will be bag holding with no buyers

If it hit 1.5k a share that would be great though, it’d make me one of the youngest U.K. millionaires :rofl:

Edit: apparently EoW target is $200 or so, with an apparent $50 hit today

After hours nearly hit $40 so reckon the open will be $37-38


I think from the last screenshot, @Recchan is doing CFD trading, rather than straight share dealing, hence why the numbers don’t seem to immediately add up.


Was teetering on 14-15k but small rejection here

People are thinking EOW is going to be $250, which would firmly plant me in the realm of having a few hundred thousand

Also, I now officially need an accountant to do my tax return this year; does anyone know a decent one?

Edit: now at 25k profit :slight_smile:

EOD Update: closed at 28k profit. AMC is on the route for a $250 or so EOW imo and according to an analyser on twitter, who has been predicting prices/times with 95% accuracy. This would leave me with 200-250k pre-tax.

AMC is consolidating nicely around $60-65 mark, meaning that it’s ready for a new rally.

This isn’t financial advice, I’m just an ape. :gorilla:

Edit (correction) BAM Investor’s EoW price target was $285, not $250 like I stated

I haven’t the time or the knowledge to do what you’ve been doing so I just bought a few £K of the stock a couple of days ago. I’ve doubled it already and, if you’re correct about the EOW price, I’ll be even happier with that, considering that I’ve not put any effort into it…

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I just hope it goes as far as possible. If the proper squeeze happens theoretically it could go to over 10k a share. There’s a bunch of math etc on it

I monitor it a bit more but, generally I’d say at this price you’re safe for now

Not financial advice, I’m just a :gorilla:

Update: German stock exchange opened up at roughly $73/share

Would have me at about 36k profit if NYSE follows. Remembering that NYSE has premarket though so potentially could push to 80$ before open

Gonna sleep now

I wanted to chuck £300 at memestonks but I need to wait for FreeTrade support to update my address… I’ll be chasing them down later today if I can find a way to get in touch

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Update: NYSE premarket is trading at 74,85$ now

Well, I bought some memestonks too. Not quite as ballsy as @Recchan and also not buying options. Just some plain old stonks. I don’t expect to make tens of thousands but if WSB could up the prices so I make a few hundred, that’d be great